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BS 8747-2007 pdf free download

BS 8747-2007 pdf free download.Reimnfforced bitumen membranes ( RBMs ) for roofing – Guide to sellection and specification.
puncture resistance P (both slat ic and dynai He) wotiki again be important.
d) Expected service life: if access to the roof is difTicuh, then the area may only rarely be inspected or maintained, thus requiting the use of a higher classified material (following the SP system 14.8 fl
Good values for durability, elongation awl phability will also be important,
Specifiers who select their materials according to a classification listed in this standard are generally advised to require the materials to be sourced from a single JTattItfLlIlrer
This is particularly iiiiportant If a combined nuanufact iirer/iiistaller warranty is required.
It is then also advisable to select an installer who is experienced with the choseti system, and/or approved by the manufacturer.
4.4 1’yp’s of RBM for roofing
4.4.1 RBM with oxidized bitumen
Oxidized bltunwn •nernl)rngles are suitable for use to form waterproof coverings.
Those for RBM roofing comprise polyester or glass fibre or glass/polyester mixed base carriers, saturAted and coated with oxidized bitumen.
These products are designed only for pour—and—roll application, COl(l adhesive application, or iiail-fixing (as a preparation layer).
4.4.2 RBM with SBS-modified bitumen (ela.stomeric)
Ela.stonwmic tuodified bit umen membranes are produced on polyester, glass fibre, and glass/polyester mixed base carriers. The earner is sat urate(l and/or coate(l with bit utmneti, modifle(l with thennol)las( ic rubbers, commonly referred to in the UK as styrene l)utadiene styrene
These products can be manufactured as suitable for application by pour—and—roll by torching, by use of cold adhesive, as a self—adhesive material, or by mechanical fastening.
4.4.3 RBM with APP-modified bitumen (plastomeric)
Plastomeric modified bitumen membranes are l)n)(luc1 on polyester, glass fibre, and glass/polyester iiiixed base carriers. The earner is saturated and/or coated with bitumen, modified with polyoletln or a polyolefimi copolymer, commonly referred to in the UK as :itactic polypropylene (APP).
These products are primarily manufactured as suitable for torch application.
They may be used with cold adhesives, but only in strict accordance with the mcmii brane iiuuiuifacturer’s inst fictions.
They are not suitable for pour—amid—roll, or generally for imiechanteally fastened applications.
4.5 Pre-flltering
With regard to the RBM, some of the parameters encompassed by BS EN 13707 have simple pa.ss/fail results. In order to be considered viable for specification, an RBM should pass:
• waterlightuess, for all applications: amid
• root resistance, for green or garden roofs.
In addition, manufacturers miuight provide declared values or limiting values for the following paraumieters. which are unlikely to have a beanng oii the selection of a system. For this Guide, no values have been set.
• Adhesion of granules (for miiieral—fmislied eapsheets).
• Shear resistance of Joints (for single-layer systems only).
• Peel resistance of joints (for mechanically fastened single-layer
systems only).
The nianufartumrer might also have (Ieclare(I a group classification
(e.g. S2PI) under the classification recommended in Table 5 of this
Guide.BS 8747-2007 pdf free download.

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