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BS 8848-2014 pdf free download

BS 8848-2014 pdf free download.Specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities outside the United Kingdom.
4.2 Risk assessment and management system
4.2.1 The safety policy shall be implemented using a documented risk assessment and management system. This system shall focus on planning the venture to ensure that the risk exposure is consistent with the stated objectives of the venture.
4.2.2 The risk assessment and management system shall address the planning, organizing, managing, monitoring and reviewing of the venture, including:
a) identification of the required competencies of the leadership team and capability of participants;
b) planning and communication of the risk exposures and their management
c) the implementation of risk management throughout the venture.
4.2.3 The venture provider shall ensure that threat and risk assessments are compiled and maintained for all parts of the venture by competent persons both before and throughout the venture.
4.2.4 The venture provider shall have a process in place to manage the risks identified throughout the venture consistent with the stated purpose of the venture.
4.2.5 If a risk identified during the planning process cannot be mitigated to a
level acceptable to the venture provider, the venture provider shall have a
process in place to eliminate exposure to that risk.
NOTE This may include altering a venture itinerary.
4.2.6 A governance process shall be implemented whereby the directors of the venture provider (or their equivalent) ensure that the threat and risk assessment of each venture is approved either by them or by their delegated competent person, before commencement of the venture.
4.2.7 Prior to contractual commitment the venture provider shall inform all participants and members of the leadership team of the outcomes of the threat and risk assessment (and stakeholders when requested).
4.2.8 The risks specifically associated with transport, accommodation, venture activities and non-activity time shall be explicitly communicated to participants if they are outside of the participants’ normal experience, pose specific risks or require special skills.
NOTE This might take the form of a risk summary.BS 8848-2014 pdf free download.

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