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BS 9124-2008 pdf free download

BS 9124-2008 pdf free download.Specification for steel and aluminium access cover systems with over 1 m clear opening.
5.12 Safety grids
A safety grid to protect an operative against falling shall be incorl)c)rated within the opening area, unless otherwise specified by the purchaser.
The safety grid shall have the facility to be removed arnVor hinged to allow access to the chamber. Where the grid is removable it shall not be
pssil)le to replace the cover without first replacing the grid. If a safety grid is supphed as a separate component intended for site assembLy, a warning note shall be attached to each safety grid in accordance with Annex C.
The safety grid shall be capable of withstanding a 140 kg (± 1 kg) mass applied over an area of 10() mm x 200 mm (± 1 mm) and dropped from a height of 2 rn (i 10 mm) onto any point on the grid.
Where the safety grid is of a hinged design. the maximum force to be exerted by any individual operative to otwii it shall not exceed 25 kgF. The safety grid shall not permit a I (X) mm (± 1 mm) diameter sphere through any aperture.
If no safety grid is incorporated in the access cover system then the warning ‘No Safety Grid” shall be marked on the surface of each cover in accordance with Clause 8.
5.13 Frame fixings
A means 01 fixing the tiame to the chamber shall be provided. The franw shall be capable of withstanding a horizontal load of 250 kg acting at any point on the frame when fixed to the chamber.
Where it is necessary to facilitate structural fixing of the frame to the chamber, the manufacturer shall make adequate provision for this in the design of the frame. The design of structural fixings shall take account of the internal stresses and the external loads imposed upon the fixings:
for example, torsional stresses induced by lifting mechanisms, wind loads from open covers, vehicular braking or acceleration, etc., as well as the structural nature of the chamber below.
Access cover systems shall be supplied with installation instructions arid guidance notes in accordance with Annex C.BS 9124-2008 pdf free download.

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