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IEEE 1505.1-2019 pdf free download

IEEE 1505.1-2019 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for the Common Test Interface Pin Map Configuration for High-Density, Single-Tier Electronics Test Requirements Utilizing IEEE Std 1505TM.
Permission 4.8.2: The combinational framework requirement can he implemented in one of two methods:
1) by combining segmented and co,iii,,uousfran,ework (illustrated in Figure 6 of this standard), to form a
29-slot configuration made up of three segmented 5.6-cm (3-in) wide frames, with four connector slots each. and one continuous 22.9-cm (9-in) wide frame, which supports 14 connector slots (hat support flame/blank spacing at slots 5, 10. and 25; or 2) by modifying a 29-slot continuous framework(illustrated in Figure 5 and Figure 6 of this standard) to provision three blanks at slots 5. 10. and 25.
4.8.3 Common test interface receiver footprint/scalable requirements
Rule 4.8.3a: The (TI receiver framework totprint shall be a scalable combinational impiernentation that can he incremented from the smallest footprint of a segmented framework of four connector slots and expandable to 29 slots by adding segmented and’or continuous framevork intervals, while maintaining downward compatibility with any smaller fixture increments (26 slots for connectors and 3 slots for shroud spacings). Either of the framework implementations can be reduced to any interval segmented at slots 5. 10. and 25 with combinations that can support 4, X. 14, IX, or 22 slots usable for connector mounting. All connector configurations shall satisfy the IEEE 1505 framework/connector specifications, outlined in Clause 5 and Clause 6 of IEEE Std I 505. and (‘TI pin map I/C) configuration and general pin map requirements, outline in Annex A of IEEE Std 1505.
Rule 4.8.3h: The physical footprint of the (‘TI rcc’iv4’r /rwnciivrh shall be in accordance with framework specification. Clause 5 of IEEE Std 1 505. that describes receiver framework under IEEE 1 505 segmented and continuous frameork layouts, as the examples in Figure 4 and Figure 6 in this standard further illustrate. Although the receiver drive system implementation is supplier dependern. the (‘TI receiver mechanical drive system shall not extend beyond the dimensional envelope of a standard 4X.3-cni (19-in) rack width or height of 35.6cm (14 in) (including handle height).
Rule 4.S.3c: The overall physical Si7C of each CTT rL’ceiwr 11cr. including drive assemblies, shall not exceed the standard 19-in equipment rack width in accordance with EIAJECA-310-E (2005) [B41. or 35.56-cm (14-in) height, or protrude from the mounting plate more than 8.X9 cm (3.5 in).IEEE 1505.1-2019 pdf free download.

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