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IEEE 2416-2019 pdf free download

IEEE 2416-2019 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for Power Modeling to Enable System Level Analysis.
5.3 Units
The required library-level Units element contains the subclemcnt definitions for the set of SI units for technology, electrical, and environmental parameters, such as the capacitance, voltage, and frequency uscd in the models. Each Unit suhelcment sets the default name and scaled unit value. The values are composed of an ST unit symbol optionally preceded by a scaling symbol. The name of the unit reflects its use in the models or as a return value of an expression. For example, a power contributor expression could return a value expressed in the powerlJnit format, such as rnV for inilliwatis.
A required unnamed Units element defines the default units for the library. Additional named Units elements can be specified to redefine the set of individual units using the ilame attribute. The set of override values in a named Units element shall be accessed by the set name from the unitsSct attribute of a Cell clement, Values not found in the named units clement shall come from the default Units clement. This override capability supports the inclusion of models using ditierent units in a single library.
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name (optional data name)— Units group identitier. The first Units element in the Library is required and shall not have a name. Additional Units elements are optional and, if present, shall be named. They shall immediately follow the un-named Units element.
The Unit clement is a suheleinent of the Units element. Each Unit element sets the default name and scaled unit value for a particular parameter. The units arc scaled SI units.
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name (required data namc)—Unit name for the scaled unit value: one ofcapacitanceUnit. resistanccUnit. dimensionUnit. frequeiie’Unit. poserUnit. energvlJnit. ‘oltageUnit, tempcratureTkUnit. temperatureTcUnit, or timeUnit.
value (required scaled SI unit) Scale and units to scale a numeric value for use by the tools.IEEE 2416-2019 pdf free download.

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