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IEEE 3079-2020 pdf free download

IEEE 3079-2020 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for Head-Mounted Display (HMD)-Based Virtual Reality (VR) Sickness Reduction Technology.
4.2.1 VR content design
This standard describes how to produce VR content that can reduce or control VR sickness. It specifies which users will use the standard and defines the requirements for each user. Use cases and user scenarios were presented for typical VR content that users could experience. Considerations for creating VR sickness- reducing VR content were derived by dividing them into six categorized parameters. These are: content direction, content scene, human factor, scene capture, HMD device, and operational environment-related parameters. Each individual parameter was described by dividing it into its needs and requirements. evaluation methods, and constraints.
4.2.2 VR sickness assessment
This standard deals with methods and procedures for evaluating the level of occurrence of VR sickness while users experience VR content. We defined the users of this standard and presented the use case and user scenarios for each user. A framework for evaluating VR sickness is presented and detailed configuration module design are included. How reference content is produced to evaluate VR sickness is described. It also describes the methods and procedures of clinical trials. During the clinical trial, the measuring environments for bio-signals, including the subject’s electroencephalogram (EEG). is described. It also describes how to evaluate the results of subjects’ clinical trials through a survey.
4.2.3 Measurement model and network requirements related to motion-to-photon latency
This standard describes a measurement model for evaluating the molion-to-phoon latency. We described the overall process of the motion-to-photon latency of the image rendering in the head-mounted display system. Then, we defined the novel measurement system. which largely consists of a control personal computer (PC), a head position model-based rotary platform, a pixel luminance change detector, and a digital oscilloscope. In addition, we described the measurement procedure from the motion detection in the inertial measurement unit sensor to the rendered image output in the display.
As VR IIMDs can he used for difTèrent purposes, ditTerent network topologies are required. Hence, this standard is designed to introduce five different use cases.IEEE 3079-2020 pdf free download.

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