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IEEE 802.15.10a-2019 pdf free download

IEEE 802.15.10a-2019 pdf free download.IEEE Recommended Practice for Routing Packets in IEEE 8O2.15.4 Dynamically Changing Wireless Networks Amendment 1: Fully Defined Use of Addressing and Route Information Currently in IEEE Std 802.15.10. Storing mode
When a device receives a I2l’-RQ [it has no existing path to the souree of the I’2P-RQ IL it stores the information retrieved from the P2P-RQ IE into a new entry in the P2P path list Table in the MT. The address of the neighbor from which the P2P-RQ IF is received is recorded in the Next hop Route inkrmation of the P2P pa1b Route Table. The device calculates or measures the LQM between itself and the neighbor from the previous hop and adds the result to the PQM value found in the IE. The device then stores the result into the PQM Value of the P2-P path Ruk 1alieentiy.
(iiange the fourth and fifth paragraphs of 5.2. 7.1 as indicated:
If the PSN in the latest P2P-RQ IF is equal to the recorded PSN, the device compares the PQM value of the two P2P-RQ lEs. If the PQM value of the latest P2P-RQ IE is equal to or greater than that of the previous P2P-RQ LE. the latest P2P-RQ LE is discarded. Otherwise, the device replaces the value of Next hop Route tnforii ion with the address of neighbor from which the latest P2P-RQ IE has been received, and replaces the PQM value with the PQM provided by the current neighbor. The IE is then discarded.
lithe PSN of new P2P-RQ IF is newer than the recorded PSN, the device calculates the PQM between the device and the source of the P2P-RQ IE. All elements of the P2P path RutçTablc are updated with the intormation from the latest P2P-RQ IE and with the newly calculated PQM value.
(‘Ii unge the eighth & elei’enih paragraphs of as indira ted:
lithe Request Intennediate Response field in the P2P-RQ IF is set to 1 and if an intermediate device has a path Rut lable entry to the requested destination, it does not propagate the P2P-RQ lE but replies with a P2P-RP IF where the PSN and the PQM Value fields are set to the PSN and PQM value recorded for the patfr Route I able entry of interest in the P2P path ti%t Route lable.
lithe device is the desired destination, it replies with a P2P-RP IE. The TfL field of the P2P-RP IE is set to (l2rDefaulil7’L — iii), where it! is the value of the TTL field in the received P2P-RQ IF. The PQM Value is set to 0. The PSN field is set to the device’s current PSN. The P2P-RP IE is forwarded to the neighbor whose address is recorded in Ne –hopRoute information in the current P2P-ja1l-Rgute Table entry.IEEE 802.15.10a-2019 pdf free download.

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