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IEEE C37.20.9-2020 pdf free download

IEEE C37.20.9-2020 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for Metal-Enclosed Switchgear Rated 1 kV to 52 kV Incorporating Gas Insulating Systems.
7.1.1 Introduction
The design (type) tests shall be carried out on representative test specimens. Several tesls may be conducted on
a single test specimen. at the option of the manufacturer.
This clause establishes physical and electrical conditions for tests and methods of determining temperatures and test values. All apparatus and devices in (lie power circuit shall be mounted in (heir normal locations during tests. No statement in this clause is to be construed as modif’ing the test requirements for devices included in switchgear assemblies. Tests are classified as design tests, production tests, conformance tests, and field tests (see Clause 3).
Except for the main switching or interrupting device, other devices that are individually (ested in accordance with standards applied to them (such as voltage transformers, control power transformers, and surge arresters) may be disconnected during the dielectric test.
The main switching, interrupting, or disconnecting devices shall be tested for performance in accordance with the relevant standards. These tests shall be conducted in the MEGIS. unless tested in switchgear under similar or more onerous conditions, and shall be performed in conjunction with the test outlined in these documents. Circuit breakers shall successfully complete tests per IEEE Std C37.09, and switches shall successftilly complete tests per IEEE Std C37.20.4. Ratings for these devices shall be determined by the relevant standards (IEEE Std C37.04, IEEE Std C37.06, or IEEE Std C37.20.4) unless in conflict with ratings given in this document. If the ratings in the relevant standards for the device conflict with the ratings stated in this document, the ratings stated in Clause 5 shall apply.
Design (type) tests as applicable shall be made in accordance with 7.1 through 7.15. Production (routine) tests shall be made in accordance with Clause 8. Conformance tests (if applicable) shall be made in accordance with Clause 9. Field dielectric tests shall be made in accordance with Clause 10.
Design tests are made on representative apparatus or prototypes to verify the validity of design analysis and calculation methods and to substantiate the ratings assigned to all other apparatus of basically the same design. These tests arc not intended to be made on every design variation or to be used as part of normal production. The applicable portion of these design tests may also be used to evaluate modifications of a previous design and to ensure that performance has not been adversely affected.IEEE C37.20.9-2020 pdf free download.

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