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IEEE Std 16-2020 pdf free download

IEEE Std 16-2020 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for Electrical and Electronic Control Apparatus on Rail Vehicles. Physical arrangement
Where physical separation of circuits of different voltages is not possible. then where wire bundles cross, the
wires in each bundle shall be insulated for the highest rated voltage present.
All wire and cable shall be handled and installed to be free of kinks and insulation abrasions. All wire and cable shall be fully protected against any contact with any surface other than that designed specifically to support or protect the wire. Protective edging or similar material shall be applied to any surface (e.g., structure or other wire bundles) where a possibility exists for a wire to be damaged by contact (e.g., by a sharp edge).
Wire and cable dress shall allow sufficient slack for removal and reapplication of the wire terminations at least twice (three times on IOAWG and smaller wire) without excess tension. All wiring shall terminate at terminal blocks, terminals of apparatus. or at connectors as specified. Wire splices shall not be used unless otherwise agreed between the supplier and the authority having jurisdiction.
Wire and cable ties shall be snug but not so tight as to cause indentation, cold flow damage to the insulation, or changes to the impedance of coaxial or network cables. Adhesive mounting bases shall not be used fur cable support.
All wire bundles and cables within an enclosure shall be supported (e.g., by the use of tape rails); shall be free from the enclosure structure, metal edges, bolt heads and other interference points: and shall have electrical clearance from the covers regardless of the insulation properties of the covers. Wire bundles shall be located above or alongside the device rallier than at the bottom of the enclosure wherever practicable. Wires shall not be in direct contact with the enclosure and should be a minimum of 25 mm above the bottom of the enclosure when mounted on a vehicle.
NOTE—–Ccrtain situations (e.g.. electric coupler enclosures) may not allow compliance with this criterion.
Wires shall not enter into environmentally exposed under-floor control boxes through the bottom of the box. Wires shall not be exposed to contactor arcs. All similar equipment boxes shall have identical wire routing, location, and termination.IEEE Std 16-2020 pdf free download.

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