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IEEE Std 1609.2.1-2020 pdf free download

IEEE Std 1609.2.1-2020 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) Certificate Management Interfaces for End Entities.
4.1.5 Misbehavior authorities
The SCMS diagram in Figure 1 indicates that the MA is central for a particular application domain, in other words, that a particular application domain has a single MA. Different domains may have different MAs. Different domains may also specify different approaches for misbehavior reporting to their MAs. And different applications should have different definitions of misbehavior and therefore different misbehavior report syntax and semantics.
This document provides a framework for misbehavior reporting via the RA and otherwise does not provide any specifics about misbehavior reporting. In this document, the assumptions made about misbehavior reporting are as follows:
— Misbehavior reports arc authenticated and authorized SPDUs created by valid end entities.
— Misbehavior reports are created at the time that the misbehavior is observed and are signed by a certificate that is valid and active a that time and contains a PSID associated with signing that type of misbehavior report (see discussion of misbehavior reporting PSIDs below).
— Misbehavior report creation is an activity associated with a misbehavior reporting PSID. The actual misbehavior being reported occurs in the context of an application (or some other collection of activities) that is associated with a PSID. The PSID associated with the misbehavior being reported is separate from the PSID associated with misbehavior reporting. Different MAs may handle reports for misbehavior associated with different PSIDs. (For example. misbehavior associated with local infrastructure may be handled by a different MA from misbehavior associated with passenger vehicles sending safety messages.)
— A reporting EE will obtain the certificates for the MAs responsible for the PSIDs for which the EE will generate misbehavior reports.
Misbehavior report payloads, containing the PSID associated with the misbehavior being reported as well as evidentiary data, misbehavior type, and other information, are encrypted for the MA at the time they arc created. Additional mctadata required by the RA is added in cleartext. Misbehavior reports are then stored by the reporting end entity until the end entity has access to the RA. The encryption is performed to the certificate of the MA responsible for handling misbehavior reports for misbehavior relating to that PSID.
— The end entity sends its misbehavior reports to the RA. The RA “shuffles” misbehavior reports from multiple end entities together before submitting them to the MA. IEEE Std 1609.2.1-2020 pdf free download.

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