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IEEE Std 802.3.2-2019 pdf free download

IEEE Std 802.3.2-2019 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for Ethernet YANG Data Model Definitions.
ONUs so that the transmissions arrive at the OLT at the precisely anticipated time, and thus data from ditTercnt ONUs do not overlap.
The MPCP plane is also used to measure the round-trip time (RH) for each connected GNU. Each MPCPDU carries a generalized timestamp field, which is filled in by the transmitting station with the current value of its MPCP clock at the time when the given MPCPDU is transmitted. The RTT is measured first during the discovery and registration process and then updated regularly upon each exchange of MPC’PDUs between the OLT and one of the ONUs. RTT is used by the OLT bandwidth scheduler to schedule upstream transmission slots for individual ONUs in a non-overlapping manner. The IEEE 802.3 EPON standard provides support for the network diameter (distance between the OLT and the farthest ONU) of nominally up to 20 km. which corresponds to the RTT of approximately 200 jis. However, nothing in the standard precludes support for larger network diameters.
The TDMA control is performed using a pair of MPDPUs. namely GATE generated by the OLT to indicate a future transmission opportunity to an ONU and REPORT generated by the ONU with information on the current queue status (bandwidth demand). Internal structure and possible encoding of GATE and REPORT MPCPDUs are defined in IEEE Std 802.3, Clause 64 (for IG-EPON) and Clause 77 (for 1OG-EPON).
A scheduling algorithm at the OLT. which is not defined in IEEE Std 802.3. is responsible for dividing the bandwidth and controlling the transmission delay of each ONU according to its service level agreement. The MPCP defines a closed loop operation in order for this algorithm to be efficient. The MPCP allows the ONUs to report on the amount of bandwidth they require for transmission using a special REIN)RT message. This allows allocating bandwidth to an ONU only when requested. relying on the statistical burst property of the traffic, and allowing different peak bandwidths for diftrent ONUs at different times: hence, allowing oversubscription of the bandwidth. The REPORT message reports the amount of data waiting in the ONU queues.
In addition, the MPCP defines a protocol of auto-discovery and registration of ONUs.IEEE Std 802.3.2-2019 pdf free download.

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