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IEEE Std 802.3cm-2020 pdf free download

IEEE Std 802.3cm-2020 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for Ethernet Amendment 7: Physical Layer and Management Parameters for 400 Gb/s over Multimode Fiber. Multi-lane testing considerations
Stressed receiver sensitivity is defined for each lane at the hER specified in 150.1.1. Measurements with Pattern 3 (PRBS3IQ) allow lane-by-lane HER measurements. In stressed receiver sensitivity measurements. unstressed lanes may be created by setting the power at the receiver under test well above its sensitivity and or not stressing those lanes with 1St and jitter. or by other means. Each receive lane is stressed in turn while all arc operated. All aggressor lanes arc operated as specified. Where relevant, parameters are defined with all co-propagating and counter-propagating lanes operational so that crosstalk effects are included. Where not otherwise specified. the maximum amplitude (OMAga.) for a particular situation is used. Alternative test methods that generate equivalent results may be used. White the lanes in a particular direction may share a common clock, the Tx and Rx directions are not synchronous to each other. If Pattern 3 is used for the lanes not under test using a common clock, there is at least 31 UI delay between the PRBS3IQ patterns on one lane and any other lane so that the symbols on each lane are not correlated within the PMD.
150.8.2 Center wavelength and spectral width
The center wavelength and RMS spectral width of each optical lane shall be within the range given in Table l50—7 if measured per IEC 61280-1-3. The lane under test is modulated using one of the test patterns specified in Table 150—I 1.
150.8.3 Average optical power
The average optical power of each lane shall be within the limits given in Table 150—7 if measured using the methods given in IEC 61280-1-1. The average optical power is measured using one of the test patterns defined in Table 150 1 I, per the set up shown in Figure 53 6.
150.8.4 Outer Optical Modulation Amplitude (OMA.r)
The OMALU of each lane shall be within the limits given in Table 150-7 if measured as defined in 121 .X.4.IEEE Std 802.3cm-2020 pdf free download.

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