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UL 10001-2017 pdf free download

UL 10001-2017 pdf free download.For preparing an Environmental Product Declaration ( EPD ) for the Product Category.
Where the manufacturer has an active recycling program in place for the replacement or demolition of the product, that information may be used for the product, but only to the extent which the manufacturer’s program actually recycles inverters. For example, if the manufacturer produces 10,000 inverters per year, and recycles 1,000 inverters per year, then the 1,000 inverters are removed from the life cycle waste calculations, and the 9,000 inverters are modelled in accordance to the average disposition of demolition waste for that location (e.g., landfill or incinerator).
4.7. Renewable energy
Where the unit process is powered by methane from solid waste or wastewater, wind, biomass, hydro or solar power and no electricity leaves the facility (i.e., the system is not linked to a grid), renewable electricity produced from wind or solar may be accounted for within the system boundary. II a surplus of renewable electricity is generated on-site, this may not count towards additional credits in the product system boundary.
If “green” power is used, it must not be reported in inventory or impact assesment results in the LCA and EPD, results must specify the original grid source used for production. However, if there is a transparent path, such as in the EU (Guarantee of Origin), where chain of custody of green power can be traced by kwh and origin (not just C02e attributes), these results may be reported separately with an explanatory note stating how the green power is used in the calculations. Certificates must be available for the entire period of EPD validity. If certificates cannot be provided for the full five (5) years when issuing the EPD, the program operator must request the certificates for the preceding five (5) years in order to extend the Declaration.
CO) credits shall be specified separately and not reported in inventory or impact assessment results. There shall be clear delineation between the product life cycle impacts and then any carbon offsets or credits used to mitigate this impact. If there is a transparent path where chain of custody of green power can be traced by kWh and origin (not just C02e attributes), this information may be reported as additional information.
CO2 certificates shall not be included in the Life Cycle Assessment but may be reported separately, apart from ICA results.UL 10001-2017 pdf free download.

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