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UL 884-2016 pdf free download

UL 884-2016 pdf free download.Underfloor Raceways and Fittings.
17.2 There shall be no deformation or damage to the insert as a result of the pull.
18 Duct Support Test
18.1 To determine whether a duct support complies with the requirement in 11.3, the support is to be
fastened in position under conditions approximating those of actual service. A vertically downward load of
200 lbf (890 N or 91 kgf) is then to be applied by any convenient means for 60 seconds. Deflection of the
bridge shall not be greater than 1/8 inch (3 mm).
19 Flame Test
19.1 The finished polymeric housing (including any polymeric cover for the polymeric housing if the cover affords access to live parts) shall not flame longer than 60 seconds following five S-second applications of the test flame, the period between applications being 5 seconds. The housing shall not ignite combustible materials in its vicinity, and holes shall not appear in the housing. The test is to be conducted as described in 19.2 — 19.9.
19.2 Three 4 — 18 inch (102 — 460 mm) segments of the complete finished housing body (or three such lengths of the complete finished polymeric cover for the polymeric housing) are to:
a) Be aged in a full-draft circulating-air oven for 168 hours at a temperature equal to the sum of the highest temperature to which the housing or cover is exposed in the normal intended use of the raceway system (this temperature is to be determined by actual measurement in the sample installation mentioned in 1.3) plus 10°C (18°F) but not less than 70.0 ±1.00C (158 ±1.8°F) in
any case):
b) Cool to room temperature in still air.
Exception: The specimens need not be aged if the polymeric material of which the housing or cover is made does not increase in flammability as a result of long-term thermal aging using specimens that are not thicker than the thinnest point of the finished housing or cover.
19.3 The test is to be conducted in a 3-sided metal enclosure in an exhaust hood or cabinet. The metal enclosure is to be 12 inches (305 mm) wide. 14 inches (355 mm) deep, 24 inches (610 mm) high, and the top and front are to be open. A specimen as mentioned in 19.2 is to be secured with its longitudinal axis vertical in the center of the enclosure, its transverse axis parallel to the rear of the enclosure, and the inside surface of the housing or cover facing the rear of the enclosure. A flat horizontal layer of untreated surgical cotton 1/4 — 1 inch (6 — 25 mm) thick is to cover the floor of the enclosure. The upper surface of the cotton is to be 9 — 9-1/2 inches (229 — 241 mm) below point B, which is the point at which the tip of the blue inner cone of the test flame touches the specimen (as shown in Figure 19.1).UL 884-2016 pdf free download.

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