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UL 1309-2017 pdf free download

UL 1309-2017 pdf free download.Marine Shipboard Cable.
25.3 Although the fire type testing is performed on these selected sample sizes, the manufacturer shall ensure that the complete product range also complies with the requirements of FT4IIEEE 1202 flame test in accordance with the Standard for Vertical-Tray Fire-Propagation and Smoke-Release Test for Electrical and Optical-Fiber Cables, UL 1685.
25.4 Single conductor cables as descnbed in 14.1.2 shall meet the requirements of the VW-1 flame tests an the Reference Standard for Electrical Wires, Cables, and Flexible Cords, UL 1581, Compliance shall be determined by testing a 14 AWG conductor.
26 Ease of Stripping Test
26.1 When sublected to the procedures described in 26.2, the cable shall comply with the following requirements:
a) The cable core shall not be damaged when the jacket Is removed; and
b) There shall not be any evidence of insulating compound beneath the outer layer of conductor strands.
26.2 A specimen of multiple conductor cable approximately 380 mm (15 In) in length shall have its jacket and tiller material cut using a razor blade or similar instrument. The cut shall be made longitudinally and vertically down to the Insulation for approximately 150 mm (6 in). A second cut around the circumference of the cable shall be made at the end of the first cut. The resulting jacket piece shall then be removed by pulling at right angles away from the cable, Observation shall be made as to whether or not the jacket and filler material can be removed without damage to the conductor insulation or other internal conductor coverings. Particles which can be removed by light brushing are acceptable. In addition, the insulation shall be prevented by the manufacturing process or by an acceptable separator from penetrating between the strands of the conductor. A 75mm (3-in) length of the insulation shall be stripped from a sample length of the finished stranded conductor and the outer Layer of strands shall be opened and observation made as to whether or not the insulation is found beneath the outer layer.
27 Salt Water Immersion Test
27.1 Cables shall comply with the following requirements alter being subjected to sail water immersion in accordance with the procedure described in 27.2:
a) The cable shall comply with the dielectric withstand test described in 38.1 of this Standard:
b) The mechanical properties of the jacket or insulation shall not degrade to the point where
the jacket or insulation will crack when the cable is wound around a mandrel having a diameter equal to nine times the sample overall diameter; and
C) The insulation and jacket shall not degrade to the point where either will crack or separate from the cable during the conditioning or during the testing described In (a) or (b) above.UL 1309-2017 pdf free download.

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