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UL 1517-2017 pdf free download

UL 1517-2017 pdf free download.Hybrid Personal Flotation Devices.
12.3 Automatic inflation systems on samples of a hybnd device are to be rendered inoperative prior to
being subjected to the tests described in Sections 13 — 17.
13 DonnIng and Operability Tests
13.1 Deflated donning and operability test
13.1.1 Complete donning (including any second-stage donning required), adjustment to a secure fit [see
7.1.4(c)]. and full inflation shall be accomplished within 1 minute by each test subject when a hybrid device is tested as described in 13.1.2 — 13.1.5. Each inflation system shall be accessible by either hand of each subject with the deflated device donned and adjusted. In addition, the deflation mechanism and oral inflation system shall be accessible by either hand of each subject with the device donned, adjusted, and inflated.
13.1.2 The deflated device is to be given to the subject at pool side with the instruction “Please don as quickly as possible, adjust to lit snugly, and inflate.” The donning attempt then is to be timed. All size adjustments are to be at the halfway point when the device is given to the subject.
13.1.3 When the subject, because of lack of familiarity with the device, is not able to adjust the device to fit or inflate the device within the specified time limit, the subject is to enter the water and be tested with the device as donned. The breathing of the test subject shall not be impaired and the test subject shall show no tendencies to turn face down or the like in the water. Then, the subject is to exit the water and be given the written instructions from the owner’s manual regarding the proper donning technique. The procedure specified in 13.1.2 is then to be repeated.
13.1.4 When donning, adjustment, and full inflation of the hybrid device on a subject is not achieved within 1 minute after the instructions specified in 13.1.3 have been given, the test is to be repeated by the subject with a reference vest. When the reference vest is not donned and adjusted within 45 seconds, the subject is to be disqualified and replaced.
13.1.5 When, after 1 minute has elapsed, the subject is still making efforts to Inflate the device, the subject’s efforts are to be halted and the test specified in 14.3.1 and 14.3.2 conducted with the device In the condition achieved after the 1 minute.
13.1.6 Following each successful donning attempt, the accessibility by either hand of the wearer to each inflation system and each deflation mechanism is to be verified.UL 1517-2017 pdf free download.

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