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UL 10005-2017 pdf free download

UL 10005-2017 pdf free download.For preparing an Environmental Product Declaration ( EPD ) for the Product Category :
All data sources shall be specified, including data provider and reference year. Sources of data for transport models (including transport mode, distances, and quantities to be transported) and thermal energy production shall be documented. Where proxy data is used in the absence of specific data for chemicals or other inputs, the source and justification for selection of the proxies shall be documented in the LCA report.
Any site-generated energy and purchased electricity shall be included in the system boundary. The extraction, processing, and delivery of purchased primary fuels, for example natural gas and primary fuels used to generate purchased electricity, shall also be included within the boundaries of the system. For the US. regionally specific inventory data on electricity shall be based on the current version of EPA’s eGRID database. For product manufacturing, preference should be given to subnational consumption mixes that account for power trade between these regions (e.g., eGRID subregions, NERC regions) based on the location of the production site. Alternatively, US production mixes of the three continental interconnections (East, West, Texas) as well as those of Hawaii and Alaska may be used. For any use phase electricity consumption, the US average electricity grid mix shall be used.
The sources for electricity, their reference year, and any relevant calculation procedures shall be documented in the LCA report.
When preparing a company-average EPD far an identical product manufactured at multiple facilities, the LCI data for each site shall be weighted to determine a company average. Weighting shall be by share of total product production for the 12 month data collection period. Data reported in the declarations shall be as production-weighted averages of multiple facilities.
The product content will be described in the declaration. Product specific data that is confidential because of the competitive business environment, intellectual property rights, or similar legal restrictions need not be declared. In such cases, a notation that the information is confidential will be made along with a description of the function of the component.
7.2. Cutoff Rules
No relevant material or energy inputs reported by the manufacturer(s) shall be cut off where there is data availability. If mass, energy, volume, or other technical quantities of the inventory is cut off from the system, it shall be documented and justified. Where representative inventory data is not available to model these flows, best available proxy data shall be selected and their selection documented and justified.UL 10005-2017 pdf free download.

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