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UL 10007-2017 pdf free download

UL 10007-2017 pdf free download.For preparing an Environmental Product Declaration ( EPD )for the Product Category :
4.1. Data sources
Primary data related to the facllit(ies) where the dryer is manufactured shall be collected by the manufacturer of the hand dryer. It shall Include the facility location, the quantity and source location of all materials and energy used to manufacture the product, any emissions to air and water, any waste produced and how It is managed (e.g. recycled, landfilled, incinerated) and the distance traveled to disposal. When primary data for waste streams are unavailable, a distance of 50km shall be assumed and standard national disposal rates for recycling, landfilling and incineration shall be used and cited.
When developing the ICA for the purpose of publishing an EPD. companies shall seek pnmary data from first tier suppliers whenever possible for technosphere inflows. Only when primary data is not available may secondary data sources be used. Where secondary data is used, the most relevant data shall be used, in the following order of preference, from most to least desired: same locality> global> other locality. Where ISO 14040 and 14044 reviewed national LCI databases or other national or regional datasets are available, they shall be used for national data Secondary data in the form of publications from peer reviewed literature, government publications, and peer reviewed life cycle databases is preferred to data from meta-analyses such as economic input-output models.
The ICA and EPD shall disclose the percent of primary data versus secondary data on the basis of number of datasets. When secondary data are used, they shall be documented as to the name of the database and the age of the data. If consensus data is used for primary materials, it shall be documented.
All data sources shall be specified, including database and year of publication. Sources of data for transport models and thermal energy production shall be documented. Any changes or alterations to information from the LCI libraries in the LCA software shall be documented with the reasons for making the alteration. For example, if the EU electric grid information on a substance from the EU ELCD was replaced by the average US electric grid information to make it relevant to the US geography, then this action shall be documented
As a matter of principle, consistent and equivalent generic data shall be used, such as for background processes to support comparability of results. The repesentativeness of the datasets with respect to time, location, and technology shall be documented, and deviations from the actual time, location, and technology relevant to the product shall be disclosed. When data from comparable processes must be used as proxy to cover gaps, the technological similarity shall be documented. Handling of data gaps and the use of data models shall be explained.UL 10007-2017 pdf free download.

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