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UL 1004-7-2018 pdf free download

UL 1004-7-2018 pdf free download.Electronically Protected Motors.
7 Test Method on Controls used to Provide Overtemperature Protection for Motors
7.1 With reference to 1.2, motors with associated protection circuits shall be evaluated to the requirements of UL 1004-2 or UL 1004-3 in accordance with the operating functionality that is emulated by the control. i.e., that a circuit that operates in a manner similar to an automatically reset protector shall be tested and evaluated to the requirements contained in UL 1004-3 for automatically reset protection as an over-temperature protection means.
7.2 For those electronically protected motors that, at the manufacturer’s option. are evaluated and tested for running heating protection in addition to locked rotor protection, it the maximum temperature recorded during the Running Heating Temperature Test is higher than that recorded during the Locked Rotor Temperature Test, then the Running Heating Endurance Test of Section 8. shall be conducted in lieu of the Locked Rotor Endurance Test.
7.3 If the maximum temperatures recorded during both the Running Heating Temperature Test (it conducted) and the Locked Rotor Temperature Test do not exceed the maximum normal temperature for the relevant insulation Class then neither endurance test need be conducted.
8 RunnIng Heating Endurance Test
8.1 Immediately following the Running Heating Temperature Test, the motor is to be re-energized in the overload condition causing the maximum stabilized winding temperature for a test period of 15 days.
8.2 If the Running Heating Endurance Test is interrupted prior to its completion, the manufacturer is to be given the option of restarting the test from the beginning with a new sample or continuing the test, with the original motor, at the point where it was interrupted, and resuming the 15-day timing when the motor has reached the stabilized target temperature, until the test has been completed. If the test is restarted and the motor complies with the acceptance criteria specified in 8.4, then the results are considered acceptable. If the motor fails to meet one or more of the criteria, then, at the manufacturer’s discretion, the test may be repeated with a new sample.
8.3 A circulating air oven may be used to facilitate the Running Heating Endurance Test but not to provide the sole means of motor heating. The motor must be energized and loaded for the entire 15 days.
8.4 At the conclusion of the test, the motor shall comply with the following:
a) There shall be no flaming as evidenced by the cheesecloth.
b) The fuse in the grounding conductor shall not open.
C) The motor shall still electrically operate. For example, a bearing failure is considered in compliance.UL 1004-7-2018 pdf free download.

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