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UL 12402-4-2020 pdf free download

UL 12402-4-2020 pdf free download.Personal Flotation Devices — Part 4: Lifejackets, Performance Level 100 Safety Requirements.
6DV.3.4 Additional PFD Markings for Inflatables
6DV.3.4.1 The following information and markings shall be located on the PFD as follows:
a) Written, pictogram, or both, instructions for rearming that were used for certification testing;
b) An area suitable for recording owner identification and maintenance/inspection details;
C) The unique model number of the inflation mechanism approved for use on the PFD except when the inflation system information Is Included on the PFD label, or when the inflation system is permanently attached to the PFD;
d) The proper mass, In grams, of the Inflation medium container to be used;
e) An inflatable device shall be marked with a shadow outline or other suitable means to identify the correct position for the Inflation medium container. Where there Is a physical potential for containers of an Incorrect size to be used with the Inflatable PFD, the shadow area shall approximate the outline of the correct inflation medium container;
f) Identical written, pictogram, or both, donning instructions present on the device during the in water testing shall be Included on all devices;
g) An inflatable device which is not sold in an armed and ready-to-use condition shall be marked with a removable hang tag which states “WARNING — DEVICE IS NOT ARMED. READ INSTRUCTIONS AND ARM PROPERLY PRIOR TO USE.” The
characters in the warning label shall be at least 13 mm (112 inch) in height; and
h) A manual actuation means (e.g., lanyard, knob, or handle) which normally rests against the surface of the PFD shall be provided in a color which contrasts with the color of the PFD. A manual actuation means which normally hangs below the surface of the PFD shall be provided in a highly visible color regardless of the color of the PFD.UL 12402-4-2020 pdf free download.

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