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UL 1431-2020 pdf free download

UL 1431-2020 pdf free download.Personal Hygiene and Health Care Appliances.
Exception: A No. 8 screw may be used at a terminal intended only for the connection of a 14. 16. or 18 A WG (2.08. 1.31. or 0.82 mm?) conductor, and a No. 6 screw may be used for the connection of a 6 A WG or 18 A WG control-circuit conductor. A terminal plate tapped for a wire-binding screw shall be of metal not less than 0.050 inch (1 .27 mm) thick There shall be two or more full threads in the metal. which may be extruded if necessary to provide the threads.
Exception: A plate less than 0050 inch thick, but not less than 0.030 inch (0.76 mm) thick is acceptable if the tapped threads have acceptable mechanical strength.
111.2.6 Upturned lugs or a cupped washer shall be capable of retaining a conductor of the size mentioned in, but not smaller than 14 AWG (2.08 mm2), under the head of the screw or the washer. A wire binding screw shall thread into metal. A terminal intended for the connection of a grounded circuit conductor shall be made of or plated with a metal substantially white in color and shall be readily distinguishable from the other terminals, or identification of that terminal shall be clearly shown in some other manner, such as on an attached wiring diagram. A lead intended for the connection of a grounded circuit conductor shall be finished to show a white or gray color and shall be readily distinguishable from the other leads. The free length of a lead inside an outlet box or wiring compartment shall be 6 inches (152.4 mm) or more if the lead is intended for field connection to an external circuit.
Exception: A lead may be less than 6 inches in length if it is evident that the use of a longer lead might result in a nsk of fire. electric shock or injury to persons. The surface of an insulated lead intended solely for the connection of an equipment-grounding conductor shall be green in color with or without one or more yellow stripes, and no other lead ri the field wiring area shall be so identified. A wire binding screw intended for the connection of an equipment grounding conductor shall have a green colored head that is hexagonal shaped, slotted, or both, A pressure wire connector intended for connection of such a conductor shall be plainly identified as such by being marked G,”“GR,”‘GND,’‘Grounding” or the like or by a marking on the wiring diagram provided on the product. The wire binding screw or pressure wire connector shall be so located that it is unlikely to be removed during the normal servicing of the product other than the grounding conductor.UL 1431-2020 pdf free download.

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