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UL 1447-2020 pdf free download

UL 1447-2020 pdf free download.Electric Lawn Mowers.
h) Overload shall be conducted based on the maximum declared ambient temperature (T ) or as determined by conducting the Temperature Test. Section 30; and
i) If software is relied upon as part of the protective electronic control, it shall be evaluated as software Class B.
18.4,3 The test parameters and conditions used in the investigation of the circuit covered by, shall be as specified in UL 991. using the following test parameters:
a) With regard to electrical supervision of critical components, for attended appliances, a motor operated system becoming permanently inoperative with respect to movement of an exposed portion of the appliance meets the criteria for trouble indication. For unattended appliances, electrical supervision of critical components may not rely on trouble indication;
b) A field strength of 3 V per meter is to be used for the Radiated EMI Test:
C) The Composite Operational and Cycling Test is to be conducted for 14 days at temperature extremes of 32°F (0°C) and 158°F (70°C);
d) The Exposure Class as defined under Humidity Classes for the products intended end use is to be used for the Humidity Test;
e) A vibration level of 5 g is to be used for the Vibration Test;
f) When the Demonstrated Method is conducted, the multiplier for the test acceleration factor is to be 576.30 for intermittent use appliances, or 5763.00 for continuous use appliances. The test acceleration factor equation is to be based on a 77°F (25°C) use ambient:
g) The Endurance Test is to be conducted concurrently with the Operational Test. The control shall perform its intended function while being conditioned for 14 days in an ambient air temperature of 140°F (60°C), or 50°F (10°C) greater than the operating temperature of the control, whichever is higher. During the test, the control is to be operated in a manner representing normal use;
h) For the Electrical Fast Transient Burst Test, test level 1 is to be used;
i) Conduct a failure-mode and effect analysis (FMEA); and
j) If software is relied upon as part of the protective electronic control, it shall be evaluated as software Class 1 in accordance with IJL 1998.
18.4.4 Unless otherwise specified in this standard, protective controls shall be evaluated for 100,000 cycles for Type 2 devices and 6,000 cycles for Type I devices with rated current.UL 1447-2020 pdf free download.

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