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UL 153-2020 pdf free download

UL 153-2020 pdf free download.Portable Electric Luminaires.
20.4 The unit shall comply with the marking in 198.12.
20A Plant Luminaires
20A.1 General
20A.1.1 A portable luminaire intended to support or contain a plant shall be additionally evaluated for compliance with this section. This intent and the applicability of this section is to be determined by the design of the product, the use instructions, or the claims of the producer.
20A.1 .2 For the purpose of this Standard and in the context of clause 1.1, plant hosting is considered a task. However, a portable luminaire may provide ambient lighting in addition to this task lighting.
I 20A.1 .3 Luminaires intended for commercial-scale plant growth operations are not within the scope of this standard. Such luminaires, whether portable or fixed, are subject to evaluation for potential photobiological risks generated by the light output bandwidths and intensities associated with plant growth. Portable luminaires subject to the requirements of this section are limited to those intended for a residential setting where the plant In question is a peripheral and small scale use of the space, and where hazardous levels of UV, blue, or infrared light are not anticipated.
20A.2 Resistance to moisture
20A.2.1 If the intended use of the portable luminaire involves introducing water (or other liquids) in the vicinity of any parts operating above Class 2 voltage limits for wet locations, the portable luminaire shall be evaluated for compliance with the Resistance to Moisture Test, Section 161.
20A.3 Resistance to chemicals
20A.3. 1 User instructions shall be reviewed for all chemical agents (fertilizers, soil or water supplements, or similar) that the manufacturer identifies as eligible for use with the portable luminaire. If the degradation of any portable luminaire materials could result in increased risk of fire or electric shock injury when exposed to these agents, at least one of the following mitigations are required:
a) The material(s) shall be evaluated and determined to be adequately resistant to the degrading effects of the agent(s).
b) The luminaire design and user instructions shall provide sufficient guidance to preclude exposure of the material(s) to the agent(s).
20A.3.2 If either mitigation (a) or (b) from 20A.3.1 is applicable, the instructions shall also provide guidance for detecting early indications of material degradation and steps to either arrest further development (i.e., stop using certain agents) or to halt all use of the portable luminaire.UL 153-2020 pdf free download.

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