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UL 1699-2017 pdf free download

UL 1699-2017 pdf free download.Arc-Fault Circuit-Interrupters.
68.2 The owner’s manual shall contain plain. legle, and durable instructions for effective use of an arc-fault circuit-interrupter. Whenever possible. such instructions are to appear on the device or the enclosure of the device, and be so located that they may be readily viewed without the use of tools, after the device has been installed in normal operation. The required instructions may be supplied on stufter sheets included with the arc-taut circuIt-interrupter.
68.3 When any instructions are included on an adhesive-backed label, the label shafl corepty with the requiements of Permanence of Markings. Section 58.
68.4 Text of the owner’s manualllnstrucbons shal be verbatim to. or ii equally definitive terminology except where specific conflict of the application to a product exists. The items may be numbered, and the phrases MPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS — READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. and SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS shall be first and last respectively, in a list of items. Other ireportant safety instructions considered appropriate by the manufacturer may be included.
68.5 A brandiAeeder or combination AFCI not intended for instalation in a panelboard. and an outlet circuit AFCI with feed through provisions shall be provided with an adhesive label that either covers the load terminals or is wrapped around the load leads. The label shall be safety yellow in accordance with the Standard for Product Salety Signs and Labels. ANSI Z535.4 or an equivalent yeow, with black lettering and shall contain the following wording or equivalent: ATTENTJON: (in letters at least 3/ inch (2.4 mm) high) The load terminals under this label are for feeding additional receptacles. Miswiring can leave this outlet without arcing fault protection. Read instructions prior to winng.
68.6 Each outlet-circuit AFCI with teed-through provisions and receptade outlets shall be provided with the installation instructions shown m Figures 68.1 – 68.6. The installation instruction sheet, containing the detail of al six figures. shal not be smaller than 8-1/2 inches (215.9 mm) high x 16-1/2 inches (419.1 mm) long, consisting of 12 panels (for folding), each no smaller than 4-1/4 inches (108 mm) high x 2-3f4 inches (69.9 mm) long. The front of the instaHation instructions shall contain the manufacturer’s name, cautionary note, and steps 1-6 as shown in Figures 68.1 – 68.3. The back of the installation instruction sheet shall contain steps 7 and 8 as shown in Figures 68.4-68.6. The only modifications that may be made to the content of the instructions are those necessary tar including the manufacturer’s name, model, and warranty information, and any product configurations different from those represented in the figures.UL 1699-2017 pdf free download.

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