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UL 1715-2017 pdf free download

UL 1715-2017 pdf free download.Fire Test of Interior Finish Material.
B3.4 Duct smoke density
83.4.1 The smoke meter shall consist of a light source and a photoelectric cell as specified in B3.4.2 and
83.4.3. The optical density is to be continuously recorded during the test. After completion of the test, the optical density reading shall be less than 0.2 (transmission higher than 95 percent), otherwise a correction factor shall be applied to adjust the baseline.
83.4.2 The photoelectric cell is to be mounted on a horizontal section of the duct at a point where It is preceded by a straight run of pipe at least 12 dIameters or 16 feet (4.88 m). The light source is to be mounted under the photoelectric cell and directed upward along the vertical axis of the duct. The photoelectric cell is to have an output directly proportional to the amount of light received. It is to be connected to a recording device having an accuracy within ±1 percent of full-scale for indicating changes in the attenuation of incident light resulting from the passage of smoke, particulate and other effluents.
83.4.3 The light source lens is to be 36±4 inches (914 ±102 mm) from the photoelectric cell lens. The cylindrical light beam is to pass through 3 inch (76 mm) diameter openings at the top and bottom of the 16 inch (406 mm) diameter duct, with the resultant light beam centered on the photoelectric cell.
B4 Diffused Flame Gas Burner Ignition Source
B4.1 The ignition source for the test is lobe a gas burner with a nominal 15 by 15 by 12 inch (381 by 381 by 305 mm) deep open top steel chamber filled with white Ottawa silica sand through which the gas is diffused.
B4.2 The top surface of the burner through which the gas is diffused is to be horizontal, located ‘12 inches (305 mm) above the floor, and the burner chamber is to be In contact with both walls in the corner of the room opposite the door.
B4.3 The gas suppfy to the burner is to be of natural grade propane (96 percent purity) that produces gross heat output of 13,600 ±250 Btu per minute (240 ±4.4 kW) within 15 seconds. [This corresponds to a flow rate of nominally .63 pounds per minute (0.29 kg/mm) for propane whose gross heat of combustion is 21,600 Btu per pound (13.9 kW/ftlkg) at 68F (20°C) and 14.7 psia (1.0 kg/cm2).] The flow rate is to be metered throughout the test. Ills to be adjusted at one-quarter of its maximum value at the start of the test and is to be increased to one-half of its maximum at 5 seconds, three-quarters of its maximum at 10 seconds, and to its maximum value in 15 seconds.UL 1715-2017 pdf free download.

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