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UL 1863-2019 pdf free download

UL 1863-2019 pdf free download.Communications-Circuit Accessories.
22.2 The requirements in 22 — .2J apply to freestanding products. A freestanding product is defined as one that is floor standing and not intended to be secured to other units or to the floor or other part of the building.
22.3 In conducting the tests described in 24 — .aaz. casters and jacks are to be placed in their most unfavorable positions and wheels are to be locked or blocked, When casters are being used only to transport the product and acks are lowered after installation, the jacks and not the casters are to be used in their most unfavorable position for the test, consistent with reasonable leveling of the product.
22.4 A freestanding product that has an external surface (work top or ledge) at a height not exceeding
1.00 m (39-3/8 inches) from the floor and that is likely to be stepped or sat upon, shall not tip over when a
continuous downward force of 800 N (179.8 lbf) is applied to that surface at the point of maximum
moment. For this test all doors, covers, gates. drawers, and the like shall be in place and closed,
22.5 With regard to the requirement in .4, delicate parts such as keyboards, control panels. spools. and the like are not considered likely to be stepped on or sat upon.
22.6 A freestanding product more than 1.00 m (39-3/8 inches) high and weighing more than 25.0 kg (55.1 pound) shall not tip over when a force equal to 1/5 the weight of the unit but not more than 250 N (56.2 Ib!) is applied in any direction, except upward. at a height not exceeding 2.00 m (78-3/4 inches) from the floor. For this test, all doors, drawers. frames and the like that can be opened are to be opened and placed in the most unfavorable position. Separate tests may be performed when user and service extensions are different or when stabilizers are used in accordance with 2Z.Z.
22 7 A stabilizing means is not prohibited from being used to improve stability when doors. drawers, arid the like are opened. The stabilizing means shall be automatic in operation or interlocked when associated with user use.
23 Protection of Service Personnel
23.1 The requirements of this section apply only to products of such size and complexity that it may be necessary for service personnel to reach over, under, across or around uninsulated electrical parts or moving parts to make adjustments or measurements with the product energized.
23.2 An uninsulated part that involves a risk of electric shock (see Accessibility and Electric Shock, Section ) shall be located or guarded so that unintentional contact with the part is not likely during service operations involving other parts of the product.
23.3 Equipment operating at telecommunications network voltages higher than the typical voltages specified in 1.11 (for example, T-type lines) shall be provided with a marking as specified in 45.11 to warn service personnel of the risk of electric shock.UL 1863-2019 pdf free download.

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