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UL 2115-2017 pdf free download

UL 2115-2017 pdf free download.Processed Solid-Fuel Firelogs and Firestarters.
F Section 12 – Vapour Hazard:
G Section 13- Flash Fire:
H Section 14 – Properties Analysis: and
I Section 15- Marking – Firestarters.
6 Aging Test
6.1 The processed solid-fuel firelogffirestarter shall remain intact and show no visible signs of degradation
after being subjected to the test described in 6.2 and 6.3.
6.2 Four tirelogsIfirestarters are to be placed in a full draft circulating air oven at a temperature of 70°C
(158°F) for 60 days.
6.3 The tirelogs/firestarters are to be removed from the oven after 60 days and visually examined for
degradation such as cracking, brittleness, or crumbling.
7 Spontaneous Heating Test
7.1 There shall be no evidence of spontaneous heating of the firelog/firestarter material when tested in accordance with 7.2 — 7.4. The firelogslfirestarters used for this test shall be previously conditioned as described in the Aging Test, Section 6.
7.2 The apparatus used for the Spontaneous Heating Test is to consist of a vertical, cylindrical test chamber, 178 mm (7 inches) in height and 102 mm (4 inches) in diameter, surrounded at the side and bottom by an electrically heated water bath. The test chamber is to be provided with a cover having two air vent tubes and an opening for introduction of a thermocouple or a maximum registering thermometer. The representative firelog/firestarter is to be contained within the test chamber by a cylinder of wire gauze, 152 mm (6 inches) in height and 38 mm (1-1/2 inches) in diameter. The cylrnder iS to be concentric with the axis of the test chamber and annular space through air of 32 mm (1.1/4 inch) is to exist between the cylinder and the wall of the chamber.
7.3 A minimum 74 g (2.6-oz) crumbled segment from the middle of a firelog/firestarter is to be prepared. The segment is to consist of fine particles not larger than 10 mm (3/8 inch) in diameter. The segment is to be loosely placed into the cylinder as described In 7.2, with cheesecloth used to close the bottom. The cylinder is then to be placed in the test chamber and a thermocouple is to be inserted at the center of the segment. The cover is then to be placed on the chamber, and the water bath surrounding the chamber is to be maintained at boiling for a period of 24 h.UL 2115-2017 pdf free download.

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