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UL 2200-2020 pdf free download

UL 2200-2020 pdf free download.Stationary Engine Generator Assemblies.
7.1.4 When an electrical instrument, such as a meter, forms part of the enclosure, the face or the back of the instrument housing, or both together, shall comply with the requirements for an enclosure.
Exception: This requirement does not apply to a meter complying with the requirements in CSA C22.2 No.
61010-2-030/UL 61010-2-030.
7.2 Enclosures and guards
7.2.1 The generator shall be evaluated for risk of Injury to persons from electrical hazards, mechanical hazards and bum hazards, This shall include consideration of the results of breakdown or malfunction of any component: not more than one component at a time, unless one event contributes to another. When the investigation shows that breakdown, leak, or malfunction of a particular component can result in a hazard to service personnel or user, that component shall be investigated for reliability. Guards and protective devices shall be suitable foc the intended use and hazards involved and shall not be easily defeated. Whether a mechanical guard, a release, an interlock, or similar device is required and whether such a device is applicable shall be determined from an investigation of the complete unit, its operating characteristics, and the risk of injury to persons resulting from a cause other than gross negligence.
7.2.2 The rotor of a motor, a pulley, a fan blade, a belt, a gear. or other moving part that is capable of causing injury to persons shall be enclosed or provided with other guarding means to reduce the risk of unintentional contact with the hazard.
7.2.3 The degree of protection required by 7.2.2 depends upon the general construction and intended use of a guarding means. Protection for service personnel shall be provided such that the risk of unintentional contact with hazardous moving parts is greatly reduced during servicing operations involving other parts of the equipment.
Exception: This requirement does not apply to major repairs that expose trained and qualified repair personnel to hazards that are not able to be addressed by common barriers because of the nature and location of the repair. These repairs often include but are not limited to significant generator disassembly or removal of guards and will require specific specialized documented repair procedures as required by 964(s) to provide guidance on how to perform the major repair work and to alert the repair persons to hazard exposure while performing the specialized major repair work.
7.2.4 A moving part that involves a risk of injury to persons shall comply with the requirements specified in Section 8, Protection of Users — Accessibility of Uninsulated Live Parts and Moving Parts — and User Servicing, taking into account:
a) The degree of exposure required to perform Its intended function;
b) The sharpness of the moving part
C) The risk of unintentional contact with the moving part;UL 2200-2020 pdf free download.

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