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UL 2360-2017 pdf free download

UL 2360-2017 pdf free download.Test Methods for Determining the Combustibility Characteristics of Plastics Used in Semi-Conductor Tool Construction.
5.7 Test configuration
5.7.1 The tests are to be conducted in a draft-protected room which has provision for a free inflow of air during the test, to maintain the room at atmospheric pressure during the entire test run. During the test, all doors and windows in the room are to be closed. At the start of the test, the room temperature is not to be less than 50F (10°C) or more than 90°F (32°C).
5.7.2 The parallel panel test consists of two vertical parallel slabs separated by a space of 1 foot (0.31 m). The ignition source is located at the bottom between the slabs. The slabs and the ignition source are to be centered under the collection hood.
5.7.3 A nominal exhaust flow rate is to be initially set at 6100 cubic feet per minute (2.9 m3/second) through the duct and Increased as required during the test to exhaust the combustion products.
5.7.4 Still photographs, photographic and/or video images of the sample are to be recorded prior and throughout each test.
5.7.5 The instructions for performing the parallel panel tests are as follows:
a) Isopropyl alcohol, measuring 4 fluid ounces (100 ml), is to be poured into the sand burner and ignited with a suitable torch;
b) The gas flow to the sand burner is to be started:
c) The flame propagation distances and physical observations are to be recorded;
d) The flame propagation distances are to be monitored visually during the test. The flame propagation observations are to be recorded for distance intervals not in excess of 0.5 foot (0.15 m) or a minimum of every 15 seconds for a fast flame propagation;
e) Visual observations of ignition time, melting and dripping, floor ignition, and other events regarding the burning specimen are to be recorded; and
f) Normal test duration is 15 minutes from the Ignition of the sand burner. The test is to be terminated early when the flame propagation exceeds 8 feet (2.4 m).
At the conclusion of the test, visual observations of the test specimen char, melt and ash distance from the burner are to be recorded.
6 Material Classification
6.1 The plastic materials are to be identified as Class 1, 2. or 3. See Table 6.1 for acceptance test criteria.UL 2360-2017 pdf free download.

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