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UL 2388-2017 pdf free download

UL 2388-2017 pdf free download.Flexible Lighting Products.
31.2.3 One set of units is to be exposed. For twin enclosed carbon-arc, one set is to be exposed for a total of 720 hours. For xenon-arc, one set is to be exposed for a total of 1000 hours, After the test exposure, the units are to be removed from the test apparatus, examined for signs of deterioration such as crazing or cracking, and retained under conditions of ambient room temperature and atmospheric pressure for not less than 16. nor more than 96 hours, before being subjected to the flammability and physical tests described in 31.1.1. For comparative purposes, units that have not been exposed to ultraviolet light and water are to be subjected to these tests at the same time that the final exposed units are tested.
31.2.4 When a material is to be considered in a range of colors, units representing these ranges are also to be provided. Units in the natural (when used in this color) and in the most heavily pigmented light and dark colors are to be provided and considered representative of the color range, when the test results are essentially the same. An additional set of units is to be provided in the heaviest organic pigment loading, unless the most heavily pigmented light and dark colors include the highest organic pigment level. When certain color pigments (for example, red, yellow, or similar colors) are known to have particularly critical effects, they are aLso to be provided.
31.3 Water immersion
31.3.1 Using standard test procedures, property values for the material are to be determined both before and after conditioning. Units of the material shall be immersed in distilled or deionized water at 70.0 ±1.0°C (158.0 ±1.8°F)for 7 days. A complete change of water is to be made on each of the firstS days. Following the water conditioning, the units which are to be subjected to tests described in 31.1.1(b) are to be immersed in distilled or deionized water at 23.0 ±2.0°C (73.4 ±3.6°F) for 1/2 hour immediately prior to testing. Following the immersions, the units to be subjected to flammability tests are to be conditioned in air at 23.0 ±2.0°C (73.4 ±3.6°F) and 50 ±5 percent relative humidity for 2 weeks.
31.3.2 After the water immersion conditioning, the end-product test force and impact values shall be reduced by 50 percent.
32 Ball Impact Test
32.1 Three samples of the polymeric enclosures for a controller or other accessory used with flexible
lights are to be tested. Each is to be subjected to a single impact. Each of the impacts is to be made in
a different location on the sample.
32.2 For products that are marked for use in outdoor locations, the samples are to be cooled to a temperature of -31 ±2°F (-35 ±1,1 °C) and maintained at that temperature for 3 hours, prior to conducting the ball impact tests. The impact is to be applied to the samples within 1 minute upon removal from the cooling chamber.
32.3 A product that is marked for indoor use only is to be tested at room temperature, 77 ±9°F (25 ±5°C).UL 2388-2017 pdf free download.

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