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UL 2525-2020 pdf free download

UL 2525-2020 pdf free download.TWo-Way Emergency Communications Systems for Rescue Assistance. A permanently connected product shall be provided with wiring terminals or leads for the connection of conductors having an ampacity not less than 125% of the current input of the product when connected to a power-supply voltage in accordance with 30.1 1 —30.1.6.
112.3.2 The free length of a lead inside a terminal box or compartment shall be 6 in (150 mm) or more. provided with strain relief, shall not be smaller than 18 AWG (0.82 mm’), and the insulation, when of rubber or thermoplastic. shall not be less than 0.030 in (0.76 mm) minimum average and 0.027 in (0.69 mm) minimum at any point when the lead is intended for field connection to an external circuit.
Exception: The lead shall be less than 6 in (150 mm) long when it is evident that the use of a longer lead results in a risk of tire or electric shock. A field-wiring terminal shall be kept from turning or shifting in position by means other than friction between surfaces This shall be accomplished by two screws or rivets, by square shoulders or mortises. by a dowel pin, lug or offset, by a connecting strap or clip fitted into an adjacent part, or by some other method determined to be the equivalent. A field-wiring terminal shall comply with the requirements in .I24 for field-wiring terminals (general application) except a wire-binding screw shall not have a diameter smaller than No 8 (4.2 mm),
11.2.4 Identified terminals and leads A permanently-connected product rated 125 or 1251250 V (3-wire) or less. and using a lampholder of the Edison screw-shell type. or a single-pole switch or overcurrent protective device other than an automatic control without a marked-off position, shall have one terminal or lead identified for the connection of the grounded conductor of the supply circuit. This terminal or lead shall be electrically connected to screw shells of lampholders and shall not be connected to switches or overcurrent protective devices of the single-pole type other than automatic controls without a marked-off position. A terminal intended for the connection of a grounded supply conductor shall be of or plated with metal that is white in color and shall be distinguishable from the other terminals, or identification of that terminal shall be shown in some other manner, such as on an attached wiring diagram. A lead intended for the connection of a grounded power-supply conductor shall be finished white or gray color and shall be distinguishable from the other leads.
11.2.5 Strain relief A means of strain relief shall be provided for the field supply leads of a product to prevent any mechanical stress from being transmitted to terminals and internal connections, Inward movement of the leads provided with a ring-type strain relief or means determined to be the equivalent shall not damage internal connections or components, or result in a reduction of electrical spacings.UL 2525-2020 pdf free download.

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