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UL 2755-2018 pdf free download

UL 2755-2018 pdf free download.Outline of Investigation for Modular Data Centers.
6.1 General
6.1.1 Electrical circuits that are an integral part of the MDC including lighting, control, power, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning), emergency lighting, alarm circuits, and the like shall comply with the appropriate requirements for its use and installation and shall be certified and labeled.
6.1.2 Live parts of electrical equipment operating at 50 volts or more shall be guarded against accidental contact by approved enclosures or by location in a room, vault, or similar enclosure that is accessible only to qualified persons.
6.1.3 Access to energized parts shall be judged In accordance with Clause 2.1.1 .1 of the Standard for
Information Technology Equipment — Safety — Part 1: General Requirements UL 60950-1 or Clause 5.3.2.
Accessibility to electrical energy sources and safeguards, of the Standard for AudioNideo, Information
and Communication Technology Equipment – Part 1: Safety Requirements, 1.)L 62368-1.
6.1.4 Electrical equipment rooms or enclosures housing electrical apparatus that are controlled by a lock(s) shall be considered accessible only to qualified persons.
6.1.5 Entrances to rooms and other guarded locations that contain exposed live parts shall be marked with conspicuous warning signs forbidding unqualified persons to enter.
6.1.6 In a service access area, bare parts of AC or DC mains circuits, shall be located or guarded so that accidental shorting across opposite polarity, or to ground, SELV circuits or communications circuits, for example by tools or test probes used by service personnel, is unlikely. Parts in a Class 2 or limited power circuits need not be located or guarded from accidental contact by service personnel.
6.1.7 Electrical equipment that is located in areas subject to condensation, or the effects of condensation (e.g. dripping from chilled pipes or surfaces), shall be suitable for outdoor use or suitably protected against contact with water.
6.2 Electrical supply and distribution
6.2.1 Equipment used for the electrical supply and distribution in a modular data center including fittings, devices, luminaires, apparatus, machinery, and the like shall comply with the appropriate requirements for its use and installation and shall be certified and labeled.
6.2.2 Certified equipment shall be installed and used in accordance with any instructions or limitations Included in the certification.
6.2.3 Premise transformers installed in the MDC area shall be of the dry type or type filled with a
noncombustible dielectric medium. Such transformers shall be installed in accordance with the
requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC). NFPA 70.UL 2755-2018 pdf free download.

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