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UL 2759-2016 pdf free download

UL 2759-2016 pdf free download.Standard for Sustainability for Hard Surface Cleaners.
Note: ii insufficient data exist to characterize all ingredients. the product may demonstrate conformance to the above values through whole product testing.
6.1.4 Hard surface cleaners shall not be formulated with ingredients considered toxic under GHS ‘Specific Target Organ Systemic Toxicity – Repeated Exposure’ (UN. 2007) for 90-day exposures.
6.1.5 The as sold product shall not contain ingredients identified as an asthmagen as defined in this standard.
6.1.6 In addition to the toxicity criteria specified in 6.1.3 (b). hard surface cleaners shall also not be considered hazardous under:
a) In the U.S.. the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (16 CFR Part 1500). and.’or.
b) In Canada, Class D (Division 1 Subdivision A and Division 2 Subdivision A) or Class E of the Controlled Products Regulations (SOR88-66) of the Hazardous Products Act.
6.1,7 The as sold product shall not contain ingredients identified as Subcategory 1A skin sensitizers under GHS 3.4 (Skin or Respiratory Sensitization).
6,1.8 Hard surface cleaners shall have limited effects on aquatic life based on whole formulation short-term sensitivity toxicity testing of the recommended dose. The use of pre•existing toxicity information is required where such information exists. In lieu of such data, evidence on the limited toxicity of individual ingredients on a number of aquatic organisms, may be accepted (see Section 9 for details):
6.1.9 Hard surface cleaners shall be readily biodegradable under aerobic conditions as determined by whole formulation testing. In lieu of such testing. evidence of ready biodegradability at the ingredient level will be accepted if sufficient evidence exists of the ready biodegradability of each ingredient within the formulation. In the absence of published data. QSAR data from EPA’s EpiSuite may be considered.
6.1 .10 Hard surface cleaners shall not be formulated or manufactured with any ingredient that bioaccumulates or that form degradation products that bioaccumulate.
6.1.11 II formulated with fragrances, only fragrances that conform with the Code of Practice for the International Fragrance Association shall be used. In addition, all ingredients must be disclosed and all fragrance ingredients shall have a median lethal dose (LD50 greater than 50 mgkg for oral exposure and 200 mgkg for dermal exposure. Fragrances meeting these requirements will not be evaluated under other criteria in this standard. For the purposes of this standard, any essential oil present at >0.01% in the product. as sold. will be evaluated as a single ingredient. For any synthetic fragrances present at >0.01% in the product, as sold, applicant must provide individual data for all fragrance ingredients present at>0.01% in the synthetic fragrarice4.UL 2759-2016 pdf free download.

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