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UL 3741-2020 pdf free download

UL 3741-2020 pdf free download.Photovoltaic Hazard Control.
6.17 PV HAZARD CONTROL COMPONENT (PVHCC) — A component of a PVHCS. PVHCC are often incomplete but may serve a function related to compliance of PVHCS. Examples may include the physical barriers associated with Enhanced Protection.
6.18 PV HAZARD CONTROL EQUIPMENT (PVHCE) — A complete piece of equipment evaluated for compliance with this standard (in addition to other applicable normative standards in Section 5) that performs function(s) related to reduction of electric shock hazards for FFs performing their work in the vicinity of the PV array.
6.19 PV HAZARD CONTROL SYSTEM (PVHCS) — Systems of one or more PVHCE and other specific or generic specified PV array equipment that have been evaluated to comply with the system requirements of this standard when installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.
6.20 VOLTAGE, PVHC MAXIMUM CIRCUIT (PVHC Maximum Circuit Voltage) – The highest voltage within a PVHCS that is available after PVHCS actuation wNch may take action to segment a PV string or array. Where applicable, this voltage includes temperature correction for photovoltaic module maximum open-circuit voltage based upon the lowest rated PVHCS operating temperature. If it is not otherwise defined in the specific PV module ratings the PVHC Maximum Circuit Voltage is 1.25 times the rated PV module Voc at Standard Test Conditions (STC).
NOTE: The PVHC Maximum C,rcuit Voltage wdl be the same as the NEC 6907, PV maximum system voltage if the PVNCS does not segment the PV array. Some PVHCS partition an array or string into multiple segments which are less than the PV Maximum system voltage.
6.21 VOLTAGE. EXPOSURE (exposure voltage) — The highest voltage between two points to which a FF is available to contact through the specified interactions after PVHCS actuation including any applicable isolation or attenuation (where applicable). This voltage includes temperature correction (based upon the lowest rated PVHCS operating temperature) for photovoltaic module maximum open-circuit voltage or electronic device output voltages ratings, which may take action to segment a PV string or array. This maximum exposure voltage is used to calculate the exposure current considering the PV array, PVHC circuit characteristics, FF tool, PPE and FF body resistances.
NOTE: The exposure voltage value depends on the FF interaction and equal to the PVHC maximum circi.t voltage or lower if the PVHCS prOvides protection to limit exposure.
6.22 REINFORCED INSULATION — A single insulation system applied to live parts, which provides a degree of protection against electric shock equivalent to double insulation under the conditions specified.
NOTE: A single Insulation system does nol Imply that the insulation must be one homogeneous piece. It may comprise several layers which cannot be tested sing’y as basic cc supplementary insulation.
6.23 STRING — A circuit of one or more series connected PV modules including but not limited to interconnection conductors, wiring devices. UL 1741 compliant PVRSE or other equipment.UL 3741-2020 pdf free download.

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