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UL 448-2020 pdf free download

UL 448-2020 pdf free download.STANDARD FOR SAFETY Centrifugal Stationary Pumps for Fire -Protection Service.
suction nozzle perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the shaft. This type of pump is not intended to be used where a static suction lift is involved.
6.8 PUMP, FIRE— A pump for horizontal or vertical mounting, having rated capacities in accordance with the requirements in the Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection, NFPA 20.
6.9 PUMP, IN-LINE — A centrifugal pump, the drive unit for which is supported solely by the pump, and that is characterized by suction and discharge connections having a common centerline that intersects the shaft axis. This type of pump is not intended to be used where a static suction lift is involved.
6.10 PUMP LOAD — The brake horsepower (kW input) required to drive a pump at rated speed and at the capacity requiring maximum power,
6.11 PUMR MULTISTAGE MULTIPORT — A centrifugal pump with multiple impellers operating in series where the discharge from each impeller, except for the last impeller, provides pressure to the subsequent stage and multiple discharge ports are provided at certain locations within the stages of the pump.
6.12 PUMP, SPLIT-CASE — A centrifugal pump characterized by a housing that is split axial or radial to the shaft, and mounted in the horizontal or vertical position. This type of pump is not intended to be used where a static suction lift is involved.
6.13 PUMR VERTICAL-TURBINE — A centrifugal pump with one or more impellers discharging into one or more bowls and a vertical eductor or column pipe used to connect the bowls to the discharge head on which the pump driver is mounted. The pump may also be provided with a suction vessel as an integral part. Vertical turbine pumps not provided with suction vessels are intended for installation in sumps or wells.
7 General
7.1 An end-suction or in-line pump shall be of a single- or two-stage construction. A split-case pump may be of a single-stage or multistage construction. A multistage multiport pump shall be of a multistage construction with multiple outlets. A vertical-turbine pump may have any number of bowls and impellers.
7.2 A split-case, multistage multiport, vertical-turbine, end-suction, or in-line pump shall have a rated capacity equal to a value specified in Table 7.1, or greater than 5000 gallons per minute (18925 liters per minute) in 500 gallons per minute (1892 liters per minute) increments.UL 448-2020 pdf free download.

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