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UL 4500-2017 pdf free download

UL 4500-2017 pdf free download.Environmental Claim Validation Procedure (ECVP) for Cleaning Solution Savings for Floor Scrubber Machines.
5.5 WALK-BEHIND MACHINE — Floor scrubber machine with or without a battery powered motor designed to be controlled by the operator walking behind the machine.
5.6 WORKING SCRUBBING PATH WIDTH — The path the machine cleans, based solely on the width of the brushes or pads. This is the width that is exposed to the full cleaning process. to indicate the effective cleaning width of the machine, not the outside physical width of the machine.
êIEC This definition is reproduced from 1EC 62826 Ed. 1 b:2014 with permission of Ihe American National Standards institute iANS1) on behalf of the International Eleclrotechnicai Commission All nhts reserved.
6 Calculation
6.1 The manufacturer shall provide full performance and technical specifications for each product submitted for testing. Technical specifications must, at a minimum, include working scrubbing path width, solution tank size, cleaning solution density. battery capacity. working speed, machine weight with and without solution and batteries.
6.2 The manufacturer shall provide the completed test reports or be tested for the cleaning solution consumption during the use phase for each product submitted according to the procedures in Assessment Part I: Measurement of Cleaning Solution Consumption. Section 7.
6.3 See Information Required. Section 9, for a complete list of documents to be submitted.
7 Assessment Part I: Measurement of Cleaning Solution Consumption
7.1 General
7.1.1 The cleaning solut,on consumption of floor scrubber machines shall be measured according to Section 7.2 — 7.3 with witness testing with a representative from a testing laboratory present.
7.2 Testing site requirements
7.2.1 The testing site should be a rectangle space of 960 ft2 (40 ft x 24 ft) that enables the machine to make twelve 180 degree turns. Testing areas and the number of turns may change based on the information provided
7.2.2 The testing site shall have a flat smooth surface with no obstacles present.UL 4500-2017 pdf free download.

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