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UL 482-2020 pdf free download

UL 482-2020 pdf free download.Portable Sun / Heat Lamps.
19.2 A grounding conductor covering of the flexible cord shall be green with or without one or more yellow stripes. The grounding conductor shall be secured to the frame or enclosure of the appliance, which is intended to be grounded, by means of a screw that is not likely to be removed during any servicing operation not involving the power-supply cord, or by other equivalent means. Solder alone shall not be used for securing the grounding conductor. The grounding conductor shall be connected to the grounding blade of the attachment plug.
20 General
20.1 If a sun/heat lamp is intended (mechanically and electrically) for use with lamps of two or more different types, the input test shall be conducted by using the lamp that results in maximum input, and the temperature test shall be conducted with the lamp that results in maximum temperature rises.
Exception: If a sun/heat lamp is marked to indicate that it is intended for use with a lamp of a particular type, the tests are to be conducted by using such lamp.
21 Leakage Current Test
21.1 The leakage current of a sun/heat lamp rated for a nominal 120 V supply when tested in
accordance with 21.3 — 21.6 shall not be more than 0.5 mA.
21.2 Leakage current refers to all currents, including capacitively coupled currents, that may be conveyed between exposed conductive surfaces of a sun/heat lamp and ground or other exposed conductive surfaces of the sun/heat lamp.
21.3 All exposed conductive surfaces are to be tested for leakage currents, The leakage currents from these surfaces are to be measured to the grounded supply conductor individually as well as collectively where simultaneously accessible and from one surface to another where simultaneously accessible. Parts are considered to be exposed surfaces unless guarded by an enclosure considered acceptable for protection against the risk of electric shock as defined In — j. Surfaces are considered to be simultaneously accessible when they can be readily contacted by one or both hands of a person at the same time. These measurements do not apply to terminals operating at voltages that do not present a risk of electric shock, such as those supplied from an isolating transformer device operating at a potential not exceeding 30 V rms or 42.4 V peak.
21.4 If a conductive surface other than metal is used for the enclosure o part of the enclosure, the leakage current is to be measured using a metal foil with an area of 10 by 20 cm (3.9 by 7.9 inches) in contact with the surface. Where the surface Is less than 10 by 20 cm, the metal foil Is to be the same size as the surface. The metal foil is not to remain in place long enough to affect the temperature of the sunlheat lamp.UL 482-2020 pdf free download.

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