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UL 60079-15-2020 pdf free download

UL 60079-15-2020 pdf free download.Explosive atmospheres-Part 15 Equipment protection by type of protectIon ” n “.
The component shall be operated at its specified electrical load for a minimum of 50 times at not less than 10-second intervals, renewing the air-gas mixture after each set of 10 operations (or more frequently, if necessary to ensure the presence of the air-gas mixture within the non-incendive component). There shall be no ignition or the air-gas mixture either within the component or within the surrounding atmosphere.
“Specified electrical load means the voltage, current, inductance or capacitance, inrush current or overload conditions under normal operating conditions of the Circuit in which the component is used or for which safety has been verified.
11.2 Tests for sealed devices
11.2.1 Conditioning
Three samples of the device shall be conditioned, in an air oven for 168 % h at a temperature at least 10
K but at most 15 K higher than the maximum service temperature. This conditioning is followed by at least
24 .2 h at the minimum service temperature reduced by at least 5 K but at most 10 K
The thermal endurance conditioning in accordance with IEC 60079-0 may be substituted.
Following the conditioning no visible deformation that could impair the type of protection shall be evident.
11.2.2 Voltage test
If the results of the leakage test of are uncertain then the terminals of the device can be connected together and a sinusoidal voltage applied for at least 1 mm between the terminals and the outer surface of the device. The r. m. s. value is not less than V or (2 U + 1 000) V whichever is the greater. where Vk is the maximum peak output voltage of the device and U is the working voltage. Where the working voltage is 42 V or less, the test voltage is 500 V instead of (2 U + 1 000) V. Metal foil is placed around the outer surface of the case if the latter is made of plastic material.
The voltage test shall not produce electrical breakdown or dangerous discharge: the sample shall be sublected to visual examination for any damage
11.2.3 Leakage tests on sealed devices Test equipment
For the following tests the samples previous conditioned shall be used.
A container of transparent material and of sufficient volume to enable the complete immersion of the test sample shall be used. UL 60079-15-2020 pdf free download.

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