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UL 60079-17-2017 pdf free download

UL 60079-17-2017 pdf free download.Explosive Atmospheres-Part 17 : Electrical Installations Inspection and Maintenance.
Any maintenance work shall be restricted to:
1) disconnection of, and removal or replacement of, items of electrical equipment and cabling;
2) adjustment of any controls necessary for the calibration of the electrical equipment or system;
3) removal and replacement of any plug-in components or assemblies;
4) any other maintenance activity specifically permitted by the relevant documentation;
5) use of any test instruments specified in the relevant documentation.
Where test instruments are not specified in the relevant documentation, only those instruments which do not affect the intrinsic safety of the circuit under test may be used.
The person carrying out any of the functions described above shall ensure that the intrinsically safe system or self-contained intrinsically safe equipment meets the requirements of the relevant documentation after completion of any of those functions.
b) Maintenance work on intrinsically safe circuits and equipment located in a non-hazardous area
Maintenance of associated eleetficel apparatus and parts of intrinsically safe circuits located in non-hazardous areas shall be restricted to that described in a) whilst above when such electrical apparatus or parts of circuits remain interconnected with parts of intrinsically safe systems located in hazardous areas.
Safety barrier earth connections shall not be removed without first disconnecting the hazardous area circuits, except where duplicate earth connections are provided, in this case a single earth may be removed to facilitate earth resistance checking measurement.
Other maintenance work on associated apparatus or parts of an intrinsically safe circuit mounted installed in a non-hazardous area shall be carried out only if the electrical apparatus or part of a circuit is disconnected from the part of the circuit located in a hazardous area.
4.9 Earthing and equipotential bonding
4.9DV DR Modification of Clause 4.9 to replace with the following:
Care shall be taken to ensure that the earthing and potential equalization bonding provisions in hazardous areas are maintained in good condition (see Table 1, items B6 and B7; Table 2, Items B6 and 87; and Table 3, Items B3 and B4.
NOTE The term earthinQ is identihed by the NEC (NFPA 70) as grounding
4.10 Specific condItIons of use
4.1ODV DR Modification of Clause 4.10 to replace with the following:
Specific conditions of use n apply to any type of certified explosion protected equipment where the cerhficato number has a suffix marking of “X”. The certification and Instruction documents shall be studied to ascertain the specific conditions of use and that these have been complied with.
4.11 Movable equipment and its connections
Precaution shall be taken to ensure that movable electrical equipment (portable, transportable and hand-held) is used only in locations appropriate to its type of protection, equipment group and surface temperature.
4.11 DV DR Modification of Clause 4.11, second paragraph to replace with the following:
4.11DV.1.1 Ordinary industrial movable equipment, welding equipment, etc. shottid fljJ nat be used in a hazardous area unless its use is managed under a safe work procedure (see IEC 60079-14 GFWP in 4.8.la) and the specific location has been assessed to ensure that there is no explosive atmosphere present.
4.12 Inspection schedules (Tables 1 to 3)
4.12.1 General
4.12.1 DV DE Modification of Clause 4.12.1 to replace with the following:
Care shall be taken when using test equipment In a sefe non-hazardous area that may result In discharges In the hazardous area.
Items identlf led in the Tables ito 3 and 4.12.2 to 4.12.11 detail illustrate only 1tQ key items related to hazardous area integrity.UL 60079-17-2017 pdf free download.

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