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UL 60079-26-2017 pdf free download

UL 60079-26-2017 pdf free download.Explosive Atmospheres – Part 26 : Equipment with Equipment Protection Level ( EPL ) Ga.
4.1 .3.2DV DR Modification of Clause to replace with the following:
Partit4on—walls -shaWbeconetrt
corrosion—re&stant-metas-g1nss or ceramics,
b) other materials which can be verified to provide the same level of safetyfthis-ease the certificate number shall include the “X” suffix in accordance with the marking requirements of lEG 60079-0.
lithe wall thickness Is less than 1 mm, the certificate number shall include the “X” suffix in accordance with the marking requirements of lEG 60079-0 and thc Specific Conditions of Use listed on the certificate shall indicate that the UL 60079-0 indicate there are specific conditions of use. The specific conditions of use shall require that the material shall not be subject to environmental conditions which might adversely affect the partition wall.
lithe partition wall is under constant vibrational stress (for example vibrating membranes), the minimum endurance limit at maximum amplitude shall be defined In the documentation (see Clause 7). Due to specified process pressure, loads or temperature, the separation element shall not impair the Type of Protection.
A wall thickness less than 1 mm is only permitted In combination with intrinsic safety “ib”, or a flameproof joint or natural ventilation (see For glass or ceramics, a minimum thickness of 1/10 of the diameter/maximum dimension but not less than 1 mm is required.
In addition to the requirements of to, metallic partition walls with a thickness  1 mm may be provided with suitable conductor bushings (see Figure 1).
To avoid a critical concentration of explosive gas atmosphere diffusing from the area requiring EPL Ga into the enclosure containing the electrical circuits, the leakage rate through the bushing shall be low compared to the leakage rate from the enclosure Into the free atmosphere. For example this could be done using a standard enclosure with an lP67 rating according to IEC 60529 ANSL/JEC 60529. a bushing with a leakage rate equivalent to a helium-leakage rate less than 10.2 PaxlIs (10 mbar x l/s) at a pressure difference of io Pa (1 bar). This can be achieved, for example, by using a glass or ceramic bushing as shown In Figure 1.UL 60079-26-2017 pdf free download.

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