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UL 60335-2-8-2018 pdf free download

UL 60335-2-8-2018 pdf free download.Household and Similar Electrical Appliances — Safety — Part 2-8: Particular Requirements for Shavers, Hair Clippers and Similar Appliances.
22.52DV D2 Replace 22.52DV of the Part I with the following:
Socket-outlets are not allowed on products covered under the scope of this standard.
22.54DV Dl Modification to replace 22.54 of the Part I by the following:
To reduce the risk of injury due to battery ingestion, the battery compartment of an appliance or any accessory, such as a wireless control, incorporating one or more coin cell batteries of lithium technologies shall comply with the Standard for Products Incorporating Button or Coin Cell Batteries of Lithium Technologies, UL 4200A, if the appliance or any accessory:
a) Is intended for use with one or more single cell batteries having a diameter of 32 mm (1,25 In) or less where the cell diameter is greater than its height; and
b) The appliance is Intended for household use.
24.1 DV DC Modification to add the following:
Components complying with Annex DVA are considered to comply with 24.1DV.4 — 24.1DV.8 of the Part 1.
24.1.3DV D2 Modification to replace the first paragraph by the following:
For switches Incorporated In ANIMAL CLPERS for commercial use and hair clippers for hair dressers, the number of cycles of operation declared for Subclause 7.1.4 of IEC 61058-1 shall be at least 10 000. For switches Incorporated In ANIMAL SNEARERS, the number of cycles of operation declared for Subclause 7.1.4 of IEC 61058-1 shall be at least 50 000.
25.1 DV.101 DR Modification to add the following to 25.1 of the Part 1:
An appliance having an appliance inlet for connection to the supply mains shall be provided with a DETACHABLE CORD. An appliance that Is required to employ a polarized attachment plug as specified In 25.1DV.1.1 and that is supplied with a DETACHABLE CORD shall also employ an appliance inlet of the polarized type.
25.1 DV.1 .1 DR Modification to replace 25. 1DV. 1.1 of the Part I with the following:
The SUPPLY CORD of appliances Incorporating a screwshell type lampholder or manually operated, mains connected, single-pole switch intended for appliance on-oft operation shall be fitted with a polarized attachment plug. The switch shall be electrically connected to a terminal or lead intended for connection to an ungrounded conductor of the supply circuit.UL 60335-2-8-2018 pdf free download.

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