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UL 609-2018 pdf free download

UL 609-2018 pdf free download.LOCAL BURGLAR ALARM UNITS AND SYSTEMS.
53.2.3 A small metal ladle [preferably not more than 2-1/2 inches (63.5 mm) in diameter] with a pouring Hp arid a long handle whose longitudinal axis is to remain horizontal during pouring is to be partially filled with 10 milliliters of No. 2 furnace oil, which is a medium volatile distillate having an API gravity of 32 — 36 degrees, a flash point of 110 — 190°F (43 — 88°C), and an average calorific value of 136,900 Btu per gallon (39.7 MJ/L) (see Specification for Fuel Oil, ASTM 0396-86). The ladle containing the oil is to be heated and the oil ignited. After burning for 1 minute, all of the hot, flaming oil is to be poured from a position 4 inches (102 mm) above the openings and at a rate of approximately, but not less than, 1 milliliter per second in a steady stream onto the center of the pattern of openings.
53.2.4 Five minutes after completion of the pouring of the oil, the cheesecloth is to be replaced with a
clean piece and a second 10 milliliters of hot, flaming oil is to be poured from the ladle onto the openings.
Five minutes later, the cheesecloth is to be replaced again and a third identical pouring is to be made.
The openings are not acceptable It the cheesecloth is ignited as a result of any of the three pouring.
53.3 Molten pvc and copper
53.3.1 Openings in a bottom panel shall be so arranged and sufficiently small in size and few in number that molten polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and copper dripping onto the openings from above the panel do not pass through the openings in sufficient quantity to ignite cheesecloth below the openings.
53.3.2 A sample of the complete, finished bottom panel is to be securely supported in a horizontal position 2-1/2 inches (63.5 mm) above a horizontal firebrick or other nonflammable surface located under a hood or in a well ventilated area. Two layers of bleached cheesecloth having an area of 14 — 15 square yards to the pound (25.75 — 27.59 m2/kg) and having a count of 32 by 28 is to be placed on the nonflammable surface. The cheesecloth is to cover somewhat more area than that immediately under the pattern of openings in the panel. Use of a metal screen or wired glass enclosure surrounding the test area is recommended to reduce the risk of injury to persons and other damage due to splattering of the molten materials.
53.3.3 A bare 12 inch (305 mm) length of 12 AWG (3.3 mm2) solid copper wire and a 12 inch (305 mm) length of 12 AWG stranded copper wire insulated with 1/32 inch (0.8 mm) of PVC are to be melted simultaneously at an even rate by means of an oxy-acetylene torch and allowed to drop from a point 6 inches (152 mm) above the pattern of openings in the panel. The panel openings are not acceptable if the cheesecloth is ignited.UL 609-2018 pdf free download.

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