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UL 60947-7-4-2018 pdf free download

UL 60947-7-4-2018 pdf free download.Low-Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear — Part 7-4: Ancillary equipment — PCB terminal blocks for copper conductors.
7.1.5DV D2 Addition of Clauses 7.1.5DV.1 — 7.1.5DV.1.8 and Table 7.1.5DV.1: (Canada and the United States Only)
7.1 .5DV.1 Insulation
7.1.5DV.1.1 Insulation material shall not have less than the minimum values specified in Table 7.1 .5DV.1 and shall be subjected to the Thermoplastic Insulator Stress Relief Test, 8.7DV, for the United States and the Accelerated Aging Test, 8.8DV, for Canada. The relative thermal index used shall be the lesser, published value from Electrical or Mechanical without impact. For the purpose of this Standard, an insulation material is defined as a material which Is in contact with or within 0,8 mm of either uninsulated live parts of opposite polarity, or uninsulated live parts and either metal parts that are capable of being grounded in service or any surface exposed to contact.
In Canada, insulating materials in contact with current-carrying parts of devices shall have a flammability classification of V-2 or better, in accordance with the standards contained in Table DVB.2, Reference No. 1, in a thickness of 1,6 mm or in the minimum thickness in contact with that current-carrying part.
7.1.5DV.1.2 An insulation material having values less than any of those contained In Table
7.1.5DV.1 may be used, when based on end-product performance tests. See Table DVB.2, Reference No. 6 or 7, and footnotes C, d. and e of Table 7.1.5DV.1.
7.1.5DV.1.3 The thermoplastic Insulator stress relief test Is not required for rigid thermosetting materials, such as phenollc.
7.1.5DV.1.4 In Canada, the accelerated aging test shall be conducted In accordance with Clause 8.80V.
7.1.5DV.1.5 In the United States, the thermoplastic insulator stress relief test Is not required for materials that have a published relative thermal Index (Electrical and Mechanical without Impact) greater than 70 °C.
7.1.5DV,1.6 In the United States, the inclined plane tracking test, see Table DVB.2, Reference No. 6 or 7, shall be conducted at the application (rated) voltage for terminal blocks rated 601 — 1 500 Volts. In Canada and Mexico this requirement does not apply.
7.1 .5DV.1 .7 Insulation material bases that have been molded or fabricated from regrind materials, blending of materials, use of pigment, colorants, flame retardants, or similar means, shall comply with Table DVB.2, Reference No. 8.
7.1.5DV.1.8 A Proof Tracking Index (PTI) test shall be performed on the terminal block for those materials where no CTI rating exists.UL 60947-7-4-2018 pdf free download.

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