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UL 61010-1-2018 pdf free download

UL 61010-1-2018 pdf free download.Electrical Equipment For Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use; Part 1: General Requirements.
UAINS supply cords shall be protected against abrasion and sharp bends at the point where the cord enters the equipment, by one of the following means:
a) an inlet or bushing with a smoothly rounded opening;
b) a reliably fixed flexible cord guard made of Insulating material protruding beyond the inlet opening by at least five times the overall diameter of a cord with the largest cross-sectional area which can be fitted. For flat cords, the larger cross-sectional dimension is taken as the overall diameter.
Conformity is by inspection, and if needed by measurement of dimensions. Cord anchorage
The cord anchorage shall relieve the conductors of the cord from strain, including twisting, where they are connected within the equipment, and shall protect the insulation of the conductors from abrasion. The protective earth conductor, If any, shall be the last to take the strain if the cord slips in Its anchorage.
Cord anchorages shall meet the following requirements:
a) the cord shall not be clamped by a screw which bears directly on the cord;
b) knots in the cord shall not be used;
c) it shall not be possible to push the cord into the equipment to an extent which could cause a HAZARD;
d) failure of the cord insulation in a cord anchorage which has metal parts shall not cause ACCESSIRLE conductive parts to become &zoous LIVE.
e) It shall not be possible to loosen the cord anchorage without the use of a TOOL.
f) it shall be designed so that cord replacement does not cause a and it shall be clear how the relief from strain is provided.
A compression bushing shall not be used as a cord anchorage unless it is suitable for use with the MAINS supply cord supplied with it or specified for it by the manufacturer.
Conformity .s checked by inspection and by the following push-pull test:
For each combination of cord and bushing, the cord is pushed Into the equipment manually, as far as possible. it is then subjected 25 times to a steady pull of the value shown in Table 11. applied for 1 s each time in the least favourable direction. Immediately afterwards it is subjected for 1 mm to a torque of the value shown in Table 11. The torque shall be applied as close as possible to the external end of the cord anchorace or bushinq.UL 61010-1-2018 pdf free download.

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