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UL 61058-1-1-2017 pdf free download

UL 61058-1-1-2017 pdf free download.Switches for Appliances – Part 1-1 : Requirements for Mechanical Switches.
— TC2: a test at slow speed specified in 17.5.2;
— TC1: an increased-voltage test at accelerated speed as specified in 17.5.1; this test does not apply to switches classified according to 7.2.9;
— TC9: a locked-rotor test as specified in 17.5.5 at accelerated speed: this test only applies to switches classified according to 7.2.9:
— TC4: a test at accelerated speed as specified in 17.5.4; followed by the requirements 0117.6.
NOTE The different types of tests are specified In 17.5.
17.1.3 When required by Clause 13, the following test. TCIO, is conducted on a different set of 3 specimens:
— TC1O: a test at very slow speed as specified in 17.5.6; this test only applies to switches according to the requirements of 13.1.
The manufacturer may choose to complete TC1O in the sequence of 17.1.2 in place of TC2.
Compliance is checked by 17.6.1 (TEl) and 17.6.3 (TE3).
17.2 Electrical endurance tests
The switch shall be loaded as specified in Table 102 and/or Table 103 and connected in accordance with the circuit as given in 61058-1 :201 6. Table 2.
a) Where, in IEC 61058-1:2016, Table 2, an auxiliary switch (A) s symbolized in the test circuit. the tests for the two ON-positions of the specimen (S) are perfon’ned on two separate sets of test samples. The connection to the test load to be performed for the two tests is symbolized in lEG 61058-1:2016, Table 2 by an auxiliary switch A.
b) Multiway switches are loaded according to 61058-1:2016, Table 1. The load for the other switch positions is that resulting from the loads necessary to achieve the conditions specified above.
c) For circuits according to 7.2.7 for specific lamp load, the connection and test load are as specified by the manufacturer using the maximum occurring inrush current at room temperature. For a specific lamp load, it is recommended that the specimen be operated with loads that are used in the field rather than with synthetic loads. Forced cooling of the specific lamp load may be applied in order to ensure cold resistance for each operating cycle and shorten the test time.UL 61058-1-1-2017 pdf free download.

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