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UL 61800-5-1-2018 pdf free download

UL 61800-5-1-2018 pdf free download.Adjustable Speed Electrical Power Drive Systems— Part 5-1: Safety Requirements — Electrical, Thermal and Energy.
3.18DV 02 Modification:
Equipment operating at more than 600 Vac Is not considered low-voltage equipment with respect to the requirements in the National Electrical Code.
3.18ADV D2 Addition:
UODULAR DRIVE SYSTEU A MODULAR DRIVE svstu is an arrangement of a single converter and two or more INVERTER scrios which are sold by the same company and intended to be used together to control multiple motors, but where a single inverter controls a single motor.
The CONVERTER AND INVERR SECTiONS of a MOOULAR DRIVE SVSU are designed to facilitate field connection (field wiring)1 however they may also be supplied as a factory-assembled system. The CONVERTER AND INVERTER SECTiONS of a MOOULAR DRIVE SYSTEM may be designed to connect together using any of the following methods: printed wiring board(s), factory-made wiring harness(es) I cabling, field wiring, or busbars. Connections between converter and Inverters may be Internal or external. MODULAR DRIVE $YSTEU$ often support a variety of configurations and ratings.
3.1 8BDV-3.1 8ADV 02 Addition:
MULTIPLE MOTOR APPUCATION — An application in which a CDMIBDM directly controls more than one motor. This can apply to a single CDM/BDM with a single motor output connection for connection of multiple motors or a single CDMIBDM with multiple individual motor output connections.
3.19 OPEN TYPE (PRODucT): (product) intended for incorporation within enclosure or assembly which will provide access protection
3.19ADV D2 Addition:
OVERALL ASSEMBLY: An arrangement of a single converter and multiple inverter modules, with or without motors as shown in Figure DVG.1, in a suitable enclosure or several enclosures mechanically attached and electrically connected together. The overall assembly forming a modular drive system can be either factory assembled or assembled in the field as per the instruction manual using factory supplied sections or parts and with or without factory supplied electrical connections for field wiring. Where the system is in more than one enclosure and the enclosures are to be mechanically attached in the field, the conductors between enclosures are contained within the final assembly of enclosures and do not become part of the Installation (building) or machine wiring as per the instruction manual.
3.20 POWER DRIVE SYSTEM (P05): system for the speed contro’ of an electric motor, including the cou and motor but not the driven equipment (see Figure 1).UL 61800-5-1-2018 pdf free download.

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