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UL 6200-2019 pdf free download

UL 6200-2019 pdf free download.Controllers for Use in Power Production.
marking shall be located so that it is obvious as to which fuse or fuseholder the marking applies. This marking may consist of a pictorial identifying the rating of one or more fuses. In addition, the following prominent marking shall be provided — a single marking is acceptable for a group of fuses — with the word ‘WARNlNG” and the following or the equivalent: “To reduce the risk of fire, replace only with same type and ratings of fuse”.
Exception. Fuses that are secured by solder need not comply with this requirement.
48.8 A live heat sink or other part mistaken as dead metal and exposed to service personnel while
servicing shall be marked with the word “CAUTION” and the following or equivalent, “Risk of Electric
Shock — Plates (or other word describing the type of part) are live – Disconnect Power Supply Before
Servicing”. The marking shall be located on or near the live part
Exception: Alternatively the ISO 7000: WO 12 symbol shall be permitted.
48.9 All enclosure surfaces subject to casual contact and in excess of the maximum temperatures specified in Table 40,1 shall be marked “WARNING” and the following or equivalent: “Hot Surface — Risk of Burn”, Graphical symbol ISO 7010: W017 or IEC 60417: 6207. Cautionary marking labels may also comply with:
a) Graphical symbols for use on equipment — Registered symbols. ISO 7000:
b) Graphical symbols — Safety colours and safety signs — RegEstered safety signs, ISO 7010: and
c) Graphical symbols for use on equipment. IEC 60417.
48.10 If the secondary of a current transformer is open-circuited the primary current raises core flux density to saturation and induces a high voltage in the secondary which can endanger human life, and can damage connected apparatus and leads Therefore equipment that is provided with terminals that connect to the secondary of current transformers shall be marked “WARNING: Secondary circuits of CT’s must not be open while primary current flows Extreme care should be taken to avoid breaking the secondary circuit while primary current is flowing. If it is necessary to change secondary conditions while primary Current is flowing, the secondary terminals must be short-circuited while the change is being made”.
49 Accessory Markings
49.1 The equipment markings shall include identification of an accessory to be attached in the field, or a reference to a separate publication that identifies all such accessories. For equipment such as an open device for which the required marking may be on a separate sheet, the accessory information may also be on the separate sheet.UL 6200-2019 pdf free download.

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