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UL 62841-1-2019 pdf free download

UL 62841-1-2019 pdf free download.Electric Motor-Operated Hand-Held Tools, Transportable Tools And Lawn And Garden Machinery — Safety — Part 1: General Requirements.
Tools for ac. which are not marked with RATED roucv, or marked with a RATED FflEouENCV RANGE of 50 Hz to 60 Hz or with 50/60 Hz. are tested with either 50 Hr or 60 Hz, whichever vs the most urifavourable, unless the tool employs only series motors, in which case either Irequency may be used.
57.2 Tools having more than one RATW bO..TAGC Or having a RATED bVLTAO vwc are tested at the highest voltage.
5.7.3 For tests that require a value for RATED C1JF.ENT and with tools where there Is no marked RATED curwr, the value of the iwi, cuwr Is substituted by the current measured when the tool Is operated at RATED RVT at the lowest RATED a.rAoE or the lower value of the RATED VTAOE RANGE.
5.8 When alternative heating elements or *n*c#.*rns are made available for the tool by its manufacturer. the tool Is tested with those heating elements or ciwrs which give the most unfavourable results.
5.9 Tools are tested with the specified flexible s.mv coiio connected to the tool.
5.10 II a-*ssa rcs have 4CCESSS.1 rs which are not connected to an earthing terminal or earthing contact, and are not separated from Lrv prnrs by an intermediate metal pail which Is connected to an earthing terminal or earthing contact, such parts are checked for compliance with the appropriate requirements specified for c*ss iv mucnot.
5.11 11 a*ss i TOCXS o ctss iv rcs have parts operating at SAfETY Exrriv-Low MOE. such parts are checked for compliance with the appropriate requirements specified for ctivss r TLS.
5.12 When testing &icwc civiczrrs, the supply Is to be free from those perturbations from external sources that can influence the results of the tests.
5.13 If, an us, a heating element, If any. cannot be operated unless the motor Is running, the
element vs tested with the motor running. If the heating element can be operated without the motor running. the element Is tested with or without the motor running, whichever is the more unlavourabte. Heating elements Incorporated in the tool are connected to a separate supply unless otherwise specified.
5.14 For n’ca.wirs performing a function which is within the scope of one of the relevant parts of IEC
62841-2, IEC 62841-3 or IEC 62841-4. the tests are made in accordance with that pail of IEC 62841-2.
IEC 62841-3 or IEC 62841-4.
5.15 If a torque Is to b applied, the method of loading is chosen so as to avoid additional stresses, such as those caused by side thrust. Additional loads necessary for the correct operation of the tool are. however, taken into consideration.
Ifs brake Es used for applying a load, it must be applied gradually to assure that the starting current does not affect the test. Modification of output means for pwpose of loading Is permitted for the connection to a brake.UL 62841-1-2019 pdf free download.

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