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UL 733-2019 pdf free download

UL 733-2019 pdf free download.Oil-Fired Air Heaters and Oil-Fired Direct-Fired Heaters.
22,2.6 Field wiring terminals shall be secured to their supporting surfaces by methods other than friction between surfaces so that they will be prevented from turning or shifting in position if such motion may result in reduction of spacings to less than those required. This may be accomplished.
a) By two screws or rivets:
b) By square shoulders or mortices:
c) By a dowel pin, lug, or offset:
d) By a connecting strap or clip fitted into an adjacent part: or
e) By some other equivalent method.
22.2.7 Conductors intended for connection to a grounded neutral line shall be identified. i.e.. finished in a continuous white or gray covering, three continuous white stripes on other than green insulation, or a marking of white or gray color at the termination. All other current-carrying conductors visible to the installer shall be finished in colors other than white. gray. or green. A terminal for connection of a grounded conductor shall be identified by a metallic-plated coating. substantially white in color and shall be readily distinguishable from other terminals, or it shall be identified in some other manner, such as on an attached wiring diagram.
22.2.8 Leads provided for spliced connections to an external high-voltage circuit shall not be connected to wire-binding screws or pressure terminal connectors located in the same compartment as the splice or visible to the installer, unless the screws or connectors are rendered unusable for field wiring connections or the leads are insulated at the unconnected ends.
22.2.9 Terminal parts by which field wiring connections are made shall consist of soldering lugs or pressure terminal connectors, secured in place in accordance with 22.2.6, except that for 10 AWG (5.3 mm2 and smaller wires, the parts to which wiring connections are made may consist of clamps or wire binding screws with cupped washers, terminal plates having upturned lugs. or the equivalent, to hold the wire in position.
22.2.10 A wire bindng screw at the high-voltage wiring terminal for field connection shall be not smaller than No. 10 (4.8 mm diameter) except that a No. 8 (4.2 mm diameter) screw may be used for the connection of a conductor not larger than 14 AWG (2.1 mm2) and a No. 6 (3.5 mm diameter) screw may be used for the connection of 16 or 18 AWG (1.3 or 0.82 mm) control circuit conductors.
22.2.11 A terminal plate for a wire-binding screw shall be of metal not less than 0.030 inch (0.76 mm) in thickness for a 14 AWG (2.1 mm2) or smaller wire, and not less than 0.050 inch (1.27 mm) in thickness for a wire larger than 14 AWG (2.1 mm2) and in either case there shall be not less than two full threads in the metal.UL 733-2019 pdf free download.

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