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UL 8800-2019 pdf free download

UL 8800-2019 pdf free download.Horticultural Lighting Equipment And Systems.
18.2 The unit shall be installed in accordance with the Normal Temperature Test, Section 17. 300 mm (11.8 inches) above a knot-free pine board covered by a layer of white tissue paper, or at the minimum distance as marked on the product. The entire enclosure shall be covered by a single layer of cheesecloth. The fan motor shall have its rotor locked in a fixed position by a secure means. If the unit has more than one identical fan, the most temperature onerous fan shall be locked, or the test shall be repeated for each fan.
18.3 A 3 A fuse shall be connected between ground and an equipment bonding circuit lead, bonding terminal, or accessible non-current-carrying metal enclosure of the unit being tested. The luminaire shall be connected to the output of its intended power source equipment or to a power supply with equivalent output, at rated voltage and frequency.
18.4 The unit shall be operated with the motor in a locked rotor state for 7 h or until there is interruption due to component failure, operation of a protective device, or any evidence of combustion, whichever comes first. If the test is interrupted by the opening of an internal protective component, the test shall be repeated two more times with a replacement protective component.
18.5 If a protective device in the unit (for example, a thermal or current cut-out of the one-shot or cycling type, or safety-related electronic circuit) operates during the test, the highest temperatures reached should be taken as the final temperatures and the test can be terminated. Test results shall be acceptable if the conditions specified in 18.1 (a) through (e) are satisfied and the thermal protection:
a) Operates within 3 ti and the temperature of any part of the luminaire that may contact a mounting surface does not exceed 160 °C; or
b) Does not operate within 3 h, the test is continued for 7 h, and the temperature of any part of the unit that may contact a mounting surface does not exceed 90 C.
19 Markings
Advisory Note: In Canada, there are two official languages. Therefore, it is necessary to have CAUTION, WARNING, and DANGER instructions and markings in both English and French. Appendix B lists acceptable French translations of the CAUTION, WARNING, and DANGER instructions and markings specified in this Standard. When a product is not intended for use in Canada, instructions and markings may be provided in English only.
19.1 General
19.1.1 A horticultural luminaire shall comply with the marking requirements in UL 1598 or CSA C22,2 No.
250.0, and the marking requirements contained in this section of this Standard.UL 8800-2019 pdf free download.

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